Your little one is sure to sleep like a baby in one of these compact strollers (2022)

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Small, smart and easy to use, compact prams are the answer to many parents’ prayers in the pushchair department. If you’re struggling to find space to store a pram in your house, have a small car boot or have to get public transport a lot these lightweight numbers are the solution.

Compact prams are, well, small. They are both small when in use – useful for getting around tight corners in supermarkets or squeezing onto a bus or train. But they’re often really easy to fold down too, and become small little packages you can, quite often literally, sling over your shoulder and go.

These prams are also designed for international travel because they’re small and lightweight and many of them offer good ventilation for use in hot countries.

Heck, some even fit in overhead luggage compartments of planes. Something to note here though is that even if technically your pram says it’ll fit in the overhead luggage compartment, always double-check with the airline you plan to fly with as airlines have differing policies on this.

Things to look out for when picking a compact stroller? Obviously the weight and dimensions, but also the comfort. Some compact strollers are tiny but have little suspension or seat padding, which makes for a rough ride. One-handed folds are very useful, but always test how this works before buying – you’ll want something smooth and easy. Many compacts also have smaller hoods, so make sure you’re happy with the coverage your chosen one has.

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How we tested

Over two months, everything listed above is what we looked for while testing. We wanted to see how smooth they were to push and fold, how small they were and how comfortable our mini tester was in them. We gave extra kudos to prams with those helpful extras – large shopping baskets, useful carry handles and a brake that isn’t doing to damage your holiday pedicure. All the pushchairs we included in this round-up are suitable from birth.

The best compact strollers for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Didofy aster 2 pushchair: £299,
  • Best travel system –Bugaboo bee6 pushchair: £659,
  • Best suspension –Baby Jogger city tour 2 stroller: £264,
  • Best for off-road and rugged terrain –Thule spring stroller: £429.98,
  • Best for small houses and cars –Mamas and Papas airo pushchair: £349,
  • Best for easy use –Chicco goody plus stroller: £199,
  • Best premium pram –Nuna triv stroller: £600,
  • Best easy-fold mechanism –Icklebubba gravity magic fold pushchair: £239,
  • Best for taking on aeroplanes –Inglesina quid 2 stroller: £289,
  • Best value for money –Micralite profold carbon stroller: £195,
  • Best for kid-friendly colours – Cosatto woosh 2 pushchair: £199.96,
  • Best lightweight stroller –Silver Cross clic stroller: £245,
  • Best for versatility –Cybex eezy S twist 2 stroller: £469.95,

Didofy aster 2 pushchair

  • Best: Overall
  • Folded dimensions: L55cm x W47cm x H25cm
  • Weight: 6.2kg
  • Included accessories: Rain cover, footmuff and cup holder
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

OK, we were seriously wowed by the aster 2. It ticks virtually all of our boxes, and then some. The fold is brilliant – a click of a button on the handle and it all concertinas down on itself. It’s really very smooth and doesn’t ever seem to jam. It also freestands when folded, and has a sturdy handle for carrying. The fold on it is small enough to fit in most airlines’ overhead luggage compartments, and it’s light enough to be able to swing it up there (watch out for innocent bystanders).

It pushes like a dream, with marvellously responsive front swivelly wheels (they also lock when required) so we were able to negotiate busy shopping aisles and push it one-handed. The seat is really generous in width – our older toddler fits in it with room to spare. And it reclines entirely flat.

The only bit that didn’t tick our box is that the recline isn’t one-handed. But we are nitpicking. The hood is very generous and has a little viewing window in the extendable section.

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Bugaboo bee6 pushchair

  • Best: Travel-system
  • Folded dimensions: D78.7cm x W47.2cm x H39.3cm
  • Weight: 9.4kg
  • Included accessories: Sun canopy, rain cover, underseat basket, and handlebar grips
  • Suitable for: Six-month-olds to four-year-olds

A cheery little pram, we liked the sunshine yellow shade our bee6 came in (although other muted tones are available). And – quite literally – underneath the generous hood, there is some thoughtful engineering in this compact pram...

Small, solid wheels help it nip around even the tightest of corners without a worry about punctures. The four-wheel suspension gives a smooth ride for pusher and passengers and it’s really light to push, and easy to steer, even one-handed. It’s also got a pretty narrow footprint, which means you can squeeze in small places. We glided past crowds on busy streets, and it would be easy to take on public transport too.

The seat itself looks very comfy for our little tester. It’s plump and cosy, and covered in breathable mesh material, so our passenger stayed warm on a chilly day’s testing, but equally, it keeps passengers cool on hotter days. We loved the easy one-click harness – it made loading a squirming child easy. The seat unit does recline flat with a one-hand mechanism, or if you’re using it with a newborn you can buy the bassinet.

Plus, the fold on the bee6 is ace. At the click of a button – found on either side of the handle – the whole thing collapses in on itself and then can be freestanding with the integrated stand. This meant we could fit it in a compact-car boot easily, and it would be very easy to use when rushing to get on public transport.

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Baby Jogger city tour 2 stroller

  • Best: Suspension
  • Folded dimensions: L58cm x W50cm x H18cm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Included accessories: Extendable uv50+ canopy with peek-a-boo window, storage basket with front and rear access, and carry bag
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

We found this pram has much of the comfort of a larger model, but on a compact frame. The seat is really well padded, and nice and long when the calf support is extended. The glide was probably the easiest of all that we tried, and the lockable front wheels are very useful. A wider base at the back means this felt a bit more stable than some other compact prams we came across too.

We were slightly disappointed by the drawstring recline, which lead to a stuttering movement that could potentially wake lighter sleepers. That being said, the fold on the city tour 2 is really good, and when folded it’s neatly compact. One slightly annoying thing is that it doesn’t all lock together when folded, so if you pick it up sometimes it partially unfolds. It also doesn’t free stand when folded.

For those who are big on adventure, this pram meets the requirements. A decent basket under the seat meant there’s plenty of room for snacks, drinks and maybe even a smaller change bag.

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Thule spring stroller

  • Best: For off-road and rugged terrain
  • Folded dimensions: L76 x W45cm x 32cm
  • Weight: 9.5kg
  • Included accessories: None
  • Suitable for: Children weighing up to 22kg

Outdoorsy brand Thule specialises in robust equipment that’s made to travel, and the spring stroller is no exception. While it is by no means the most compact or lightweight stroller we tried, it excels in being reliable and robust, tackling rough terrains with no problem. This is in part thanks to the three-wheel design, which allows for a smoother ride for both us and our little one.

The large, puncture-proof tires also help make the pram feel like it glides over obstacles. The charming cobbled streets in Europe or rugged hiking trails wouldn’t stop the spring. And the seat is designed for comfort too – it is well padded and made from durable fabrics. It reclines with a drawstring but has plenty of ventilation in a zipped compartment in the extended UPF50 hood.

The fold on this pram was really smart – lift the seat pad and there’s a handle underneath, which when pulled, collapses the pram. And it’s easy to do this one-handed. When folded it clips shut so it won’t open unexpectedly or collapse when you’re moving it and it’s small enough to fit under a hallway table, in a cupboard and in a compact-car boot. The unfold is easy enough too, and there’s no flimsy feel here. But it is heavier work than some of the others, purely because this is a more substantial pram. Still, a clip and shake and she’s up and ready to roll.

We were impressed with how this pram offers the best of both worlds – a compact pram with the durability of something much bigger. And the price tag is really reasonable for the premium quality of the pram. Thule also do loads of fab and thoughtful compatible accessories you can add to your pram (sold separately) such as mosquito nets, carry bags, snack trays and buggy board – all of which have the potential to make both holidays and everyday life with young kids a bit easier.

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Mamas and Papas airo pushchair

  • Best: For small houses and cars
  • Folded dimensions: D55cm x W45cm x H25cm
  • Weight: 7.6kg
  • Included accessories: Extendable hood
  • Suitable for: Newborns to four-year-olds (or when child weighs 22kg, whichever comes first)

The airo is super thin (45cm) but feels surprisingly long. This makes it feel slightly more tricky to nip around tight corners compared to other compacts we tried. It is a nice push, though, gliding effortlessly even when pushing one-handed. And the brake is really decent – no flimsy feeling here, and it doesn’t catch.

The other thing we really rated on the airo is the quality of fabrics – they feel buttery soft. The harness is decent and the strap pads are, well, nicely padded – far better quality than many of its competitors. However, when the seat is fully reclined there’s not much protection at the side of the seat. Our passenger looked a little exposed. You can get a newborn pack (£149, which will solve this though.

There are many nice touches from a more comprehensive pram in this compact – a decent extendable hood with a big ventilation panel, a one-hand recline on the seat (it lies totally flat by the way) and you can put a car seat on it. On the travel-friendly arena, it does fold fairly small with a really easy one-hand fold. The airo can be freestanding when folding, which means we were able to tuck it in little nooks in our house.

It also has a handy pocket where you can find straps. These attach to the pram so you can carry it on your shoulder, as a backpack (we found this quite uncomfortable, and as a short-term fix works ok) plus, you can hang it from a hook. There’s also a built-in handle and a carry bag included.

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Chicco goody plus stroller

  • Best: For easy use
  • Folded dimensions: L46cm x W25cm x H56cm
  • Weight: 6.9kg
  • Included accessories: Rain cover and sun canopy
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

What the goody plus sells itself on is it’s one-touch fold. With a click of a button on the handle, the pram folds in on itself and is then freestanding. This is great and does work well, but it’s far from the only compact stroller that does this.

Having said that, it is very small once folded and it’s useful that you can use the bumper bar as a handle to carry it/sling it into the boot. We really liked the leatherette handle as it was nice to the touch and was far cry from that horrible Styrofoam-style feeling you get with some other prams.

The seat unit has a decent amount of padding, and it fully reclines. We were pleased to note the recline is one-handed and the mechanism is smooth – our slumbering babe wasn’t disturbed when we reclined them during nap time. Though, it is a bit of a shame that the back of the pram doesn’t zip down for extra ventilation.

What’s nice about this pram is that you can add to it to create a comprehensive travel system – Chicco makes compatible car seats that clip onto the chassis with the use of adaptors, and a bassinet too. These are all sold separately but combine to make a decent package that will see your child through to about four years old.

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Nuna triv stroller

  • Best: Premium compact pram
  • Folded dimensions: L32cm x W52cm x H65 cm
  • Weight: 8.8kg (without canopy, bar and insert)
  • Included accessories: Water repellent UPF 50+ canopy, storage pocket and storage basket
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

Nuna is the high-end brand favoured by celebs including the Kardashians, so it was never going to make a half-baked compact pram. And triv is Nuna’s compact offering, but it still offers loads of the brilliant perks of a premium pram.

Luxury fabrics, smart magnetic clips on the harness and even an interchangeable summer and winter seat all elevate this pram to something that feels really exceptional. Certainly, our mini tester was very comfy in their seat thanks to said seat pad, calf support and a gentle one-handed (would we expect any less?) recline. There’s also a really generous hood with ventilation on the sides and top, which gives maximum airflow on a hot day.

The pram feels as smooth and easy to push as any we’ve tried (and trust us, we’ve tried a lot). All-wheel suspension on the puncture-proof tires and suspension in the actual seat all make for an effortless glide.

The fold is in two stages, and we’re not sure we could manage it one-handed. You recline the seat all the way forward so it folds in on itself, and then pick up the leatherette handle under the seat and the whole thing collapses in on itself.

Is it the slickest fold we tried? No. Is it the most compact fold? Also no. But it is slick for a pram that’s slightly larger. And it also comes with a car seat ring, which allows you to clip on their car seats. This ring can remain on the pram when folded too. You can get a compatible carrycot for newborns on the triv too (sold separately).

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Icklebubba gravity magic fold pushchair

  • Best: Easy-fold mechanism
  • Folded dimensions: L55cm x W47.5cm x H26 cm
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Included accessories: Extendable UPF 50 canopy, full length protective rain cover, storage basket and storage pouch
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

The gravity magic fold seems like extraordinarily good value, with no corners being cut. The pram is really well padded, with a decent five-point harness that made strapping our toddler in very easy. The brake is responsive and, crucially here, there is a one-hand recline.

When reclined, the seat is completely flat (so will work for a newborn) and nicely cocooned thanks to an extendable hood. In warmer months there is zippable ventilation at the back. If you’re in warmer countries or the British weather shines through, your little one can enjoy decent airflow during nap times and not turn into a sweaty mess.

Shout out to the extra touches included – a matching footmuff and seat liner. This is such a nice touch, and it felt really fleecy and warm. There’s also a cup holder – it’s a bit low down and sticks out, so won’t be for everyone. But our little passenger enjoyed having somewhere to put their cup (and endless snack rubbish…). Also appreciated was the little pocket in the back of the pram for keys/dummies/phones.

To top it all off, this fold was one of the best we tried – you can do it one-handed, and also open it one-handed with a quick shake. Can you tell we were thoroughly impressed?

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Inglesina quid 2 stroller

  • Best: For taking on aeroplanes
  • Folded dimensions: L19cm W46.5cm x H58cm
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Included accessories: Full cover extending hood, shopping basket and carry handle
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

This compact pram is so small when folded that will fit in the overhead luggage compartment on a plane (remember to always check with the airline you’re flying with before banking on taking it as hand luggage though). You do have to remove the bumper bar when it’s folded though, and it’s not freestanding when folded. But this pram is built to travel.

As well as being compact, it’s noticeably lighter than many others we tried. It also has a super-useful carry handle on the side, meaning we could carry it out to the car easily, and it would be handy in airports and on public transport too.

Comfort-wise for our little darling, lockable front wheels and suspension on them too mean a smoother ride over rough ground. The seat is also adequately padded and reclines flat – though once again, this is operated by a drawstring – but was actually a decent mechanism that reduced jolty reclines. An extendable UPF50 hood kept nap times private, and this also has a ventilation flap to help prevent overheating in warmer climates.

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Micralite profold carbon stroller

  • Best: Value for money
  • Folded dimensions: D24cm x W44cm x H51.5cm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Included accessories: Carry strap and UPF 50+ hood and sunshade
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 15kg

As soon as we got this little fella out of the box we were struck by how light it is – it feels like you could easily fling it over your shoulder and head out. It’s easy to unfold, simply un-click the clasp on the side and pull up, which we could do single-handedly while juggling a fidgety toddler.

Micralite is affiliated with Silver Cross, and we were pleased to find all of the premium touches – plush seat, durable fabrics, good mechanisms – at a really reasonable price point. And the seat feels really well padded for a compact – it comes with a “finer liner”, which ensures good airflow around our passenger. To help with that, there’s also an extendable mesh hood, which means good coverage for nap times and sunnier days without overheating.

The seat lies totally flat too, which always helps with naps. The recline function is drawstring – not our favourite as you can’t really do it one-handed and is a bit jerky. But as we say, the other mechanisms are great – the footbrake is flip-flop friendly and not at all sticky.

The pram glides really nicely with even the gentlest of pushes, and the small wheels let us zoom around busy urban streets easily. When it comes to folding, it truly is a one-hand affair – press a button on the handle and it all folds down nicely into a tidy little package. It’d fit in pretty much all car boots and even footwells in cars.

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Silver Cross clic stroller

  • Best: Lightweight stroller
  • Folded dimensions: D54cm x W46.5cm x H25cm
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Included accessories: Under-seat basket, pull-out shoulder strap and UPF50+ hood and sun visor
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 22kg

The clic is quite jazzy, with its geometric pattern subtly detailed across the hood and on the seat. The quilted, padded seat seemed comfortable for our little passenger and we liked that the five-point harness cleverly locked together so it was a case of two clips rather than five – very important when trying to strap in a feisty toddler. We did also note that while the straps do have pads, they’re not hugely plump.

The seat unit reclines totally flat via the drawstring at the back – not our ideal, but at this price point, it is pretty standard. A UPF hood has a flick-out eye shade and a ventilation flap at the back, which will help with airflow during nap times on summer days. It’s a very easy push – we could spin it around one-handed, which is great for the tight turns in crowded places.

We also loved the slick mechanisms on this pram – the fold you can do one-handed at a click and pull of the handlebar. Then it folds down into a very compact package, can freestand when folded (great for stowing away in cupboards) and also has a strap for carrying.

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Cosatto woosh 2 pushchair

  • Best: For kid-friendly colours
  • Folded dimensions: D56cm x W48cm x H33cm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Included accessories: Raincover
  • Suitable for: Newborns to children weighing 15kg

We really have a soft spot for the woosh 2. Something about those bright, sunshine colours (we tested it in the uber-bright kaleidoscope colourway) made us smile even when trudging along rain-soaked streets in December. For a very fair price, it comes with lots of thoughtful and fun touches. The handy elasticated under-seat pocket was perfect for our raincover, the basket was easy to access (although look out that nothing slides out of the front of it) and large enough for a decent amount of shopping or a big change bag. And the bell was a lot of fun for us and our kids, although probably less fun for everyone else within a 50m radius of us.

The woosh 2 reclines totally flat, so it’s suitable from birth and great for naps. The main hood is modest but has a flick-out rim which gave plenty of protection and privacy for on-the-go snoozes. And indeed, our passenger seemed pretty comfy in the seat – it’s padded without going over the top, the harness is easy to clip together and it’s quite generous in width.

Our one issue is that recline, which is operated using a drawstring that makes adjusting a bit jerky – annoying for light sleepers. But other than that we really liked this perky little number. It handled pretty well – not the tightest turning circle we’ve ever seen, but it fared well in busy streets and tight aisles. The fold is genuinely one hand – a click and a twist of the handlebar and it’s packed neatly into a little package. And it’s lightweight enough that even with our feeble strength we could carry it one-handed.

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Cybex eezy S twist 2 stroller

  • Best: For versatility
  • Dimensions: L70cm x W48cm x H33cm
  • Weight: 8.6kg
  • Included accessories: Shopping basket and sun canopy
  • Suitable for: Newborns to four-year-olds

There are some nice – and handy – touches to the eezy S twist 2 that really elevate it to something between a compact and regular stroller. You’ve got to love the smart German engineering that goes into all the Cybex range. The seat unit rotates on the base, so you can have your child forward facing or rear facing and change between the two without having to lift the seat off. We thought this was seriously clever and it’s so nice to have a compact pram that has the option of both parent and world-facing modes. The eezy S twist is also compatible with Cybex’s infant seats and the brand’s two types of bassinets, making it really adaptable and a great lightweight option from birth.

The pram collapses in several stages, so we wouldn’t say it’s as slick as, nor as compact when folded as some of the others you’ll find in this round-up. We found the mechanism on the fold a bit sticky, which was a shame. But the Twist is small enough to slide into an under-stairs cupboard or sling in a compact-car boot when folded. And it’s freestanding too, which we liked. Plus, there’s a decent basket underneath and a handy pocket in the back of the seat for essentials.

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