What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (2023)

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (1)

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What does Selena Gomez really eat in a day? And why is the internet buzzing about what's inside Selena Gomez's fridge? The former Disney Channel star has mastered many mediums throughout her career, including acting, producing, singing, songwriting, and so much more. But on top of all of her success, Gomez has also faced some serious obstacles, especially in regards to her wellness.Fans of Gomez are well-aware of her many health battles she's faced over the years, but fortunately, she's come out of them stronger and more informed about what her body needs.

Additionally, Gomez launched a series on HBO Max that's all about food, and here's everything that we know about it.Selena + Cheffollows Gomez as she gets virtual cooking lessons from world-renowned chefs from around the world. As Gomez made clear in the show's promo, she loves to eat. And while cooking might not be one of her many natural talents, she's still interested in it.

But what exactly does Gomez like to eat? More importantly, what does she really eat in a day? The star obviously has health as a top priority, so what does that look like on a day-to-day basis?

Selena Gomez's health has always been a top concern for her

Unfortunately, Selena Gomez hasn't had a super charmed life, despite her fame and fortune. The young star has had to deal with multiple health issues, which she's been pretty open and honest about. No wonder she's cautious about what she eats in a day.

In 2017, Gomez revealed that she'd undergone a kidney transplant after getting diagnosed with lupus. After recovering from that, though, Gomez's health battles weren't over, as she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2018. It's been hard for the singer, but she told The Today Showthat she's come a long way. "Although this does not mean that it has all gone away, I can say that after a year of a lot of intense work I am happier, I am healthier, and I'm in control of my emotions and thoughts more than I have ever been," she revealed.

She might have had to deal with a lot of difficult health conditions, but she's learned a lot along the way. Plus, Selena Gomez has undergone a stunning transformation,showing that she's so much more than just a pop star.

This is how Selena Gomez stays hydrated and perked up every day

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (3)


It's no secret that Selena Gomez leads a pretty busy life. The singer and actor has gone on tours, worked on television sets, and cut several albums. Selena Gomez also launched a beauty brand in 2020, and here's what we know about it. So clearly, she needs all the energy she can get. But Gomez doesn't always turn to coffee when she needs a little extra pep in her step.

Gomez's trainer, wellness expert Amy Rosoff Davis, told Byrdie that while she was on tour with Gomez, she would often encourage tea over coffee when it comes to what she drinks in a day. "[She] had green tea when we needed a pick me up — it sure was exhausting at times," Davis explained.

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According to Healthline, green tea is a healthy source of caffeine, is packed full of antioxidants, and keeps you hydrated; Gomez likely benefits from its health properties in more ways than one. Honestly, if Gomez drinks it, then it can't hurt to give it a whirl, as this is what happens to your body when you drink green tea every day.

Selena Gomez relies on these drinks to stay hydrated every day

You've probably heard the saying that "water is life," and that's not too far off from the truth. Drinking enough H2O is seriously important for your overall health, so here are the signs that you're not drinking enough water. In fact, the Harvard School of Public Health reported that staying hydrated helps to keep your body temperature in check, keep your joints healthy, help your body properly absorb nutrients, and so much more.

That's why Selena Gomez makes it a priority to drink plenty of water every day."I always have water, tons of water," she told Vogue of her healthy habits. "It's even in my bathroom because I used to be so bad at drinking water and I want to stay hydrated."

Gomez also has another method that she relies on to stay hydrated: juice. "I have a juicer I'm staring at right now, so I always have my vegetables and my fruit for the juicer," she added.

Selena Gomez makes a healthier burrito for breakfast

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (5)


Fans of Selena Gomez know that the former child star hails from the great state of Texas, where Tex-Mex and breakfast burritos reign supreme. But, consuming a giant breakfast burrito every dayisn't exactly the healthiest choice, so Gomez has had to learn hwo to make a healthier version of one of her favorite foods.

Gomez's health and fitness trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, told Cosmopolitan that she doesn't believe in diets, or forcing Gomez to restrict herself too much. "I don't believe in denying yourself, but I also believe in moderation," she said. "Life is too short not to enjoy food." Amen to that.

With that in mind, it's no wonder Davis shared that one breakfast option thatGomez typically eats in a day is one-half of a breakfast burrito made with rice, beans, scrambled eggs, chorizo, and avocado. Hey, that sounds pretty freaking good, whether or not you're trying to watch what you eat.

Greek yogurt is also a popular breakfast option for Selena Gomez

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (6)


Selena Gomez lives a fast-paced lifestyle, especially when she's on tour performing in a different city every night. So, it would make sense that she would need options when it comes to meal time; for as much as Gomez loves Tex-Mex, she doesn't always have time for a breakfast burrito every morning.

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Gomez's health and fitness trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, told Cosmopolitanthere's another breakfast that she typically eats in a day:a serving of full-fat Greek yogurt, usually with some granola. That's a sensible choice, given that what happens to your body when you eat yogurt every day is pretty great.

It's understandable why the "Rare" singer would opt for such a breakfast option. According to Medical News Today, Greek yogurt is high in calcium, probiotics, protein, vitamin B-12, as well as iodine. So, when Gomez reaches for it every morning, she isn't just enjoying a convenient meal, she's eating a healthy food that's packed with nutrients. Honestly, it's no wonder she's got such a great glow.

Selena Gomez enjoys avocado toast for breakfast, too

Selena Gomez might not follow a strict diet, and she might not eat the same thing every day, but her breakfast options are fairly routine. After all, no one really wants to eat the exact same breakfast every day, which is why Gomez likes to mix it up sometimes. At least, that's what Gomez's trainer, Amy Rosof Davis, told J-14.

In an interview with the publication, Davis revealed that her client maintains a mindful eating practice. "Honestly every day [is] so different," she shared. "She eats what she wants and doesn't really stick to the same stuff. She just doesn't eat huge amounts."

That said, Gomez has yet another favorite breakfast option that just about every millennial can appreciate: avocado toast, of course, sometimes with a pinch of salt, olive oil, and feta cheese, according to Davis. Once again, the singer's breakfast sounds totally delicious — perhaps that's the real reason people are obsessed with avocado toast?

Selena Gomez typically eats protein bowls every day

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (8)


Because Selena Gomez is always on the go, it's not exactly surprising that she needs the right kinds of food to fuel her body. And while what that looks like might be different for everyone's body, for Gomez, that means eating plenty of protein every day — especially while she's touring, and needing tons of energy."Last year on Selena's revival tour, I made sure the dressing room always had veggies and protein and brown rice or whole grains," Gomez's trainer, Amy Rosof Davis, told Byrdie. "I made a lot of rice bowls with veggies, protein, and avocado for Selena." That gave the singer all of the stamina and energy that she needed to put on a good show for her fans.

Eating a bowl packed with healthy whole grains, protein, and vegetables is a great meal choice for Gomez for another reason as well: satiety. In fact, a 2004study found that protein helps people stay full and controls appetites, so the bowl Davis makes for Gomez can keep hunger at bay.

Veggies and hummus are a go-to snack for Selena Gomez every day

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (9)


Selena Gomez, like any other young person, has to deal with getting hungry in the middle of the day. When the snackies hit, she has to find something to eat every day — and it turns out that one of her most common snacks is probably something you've had, too.

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Gomez's health and fitness trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, told Cosmopolitan that often, Gomez will be tempted by quick and easy snack options. But Davis said she doesn't exactly let that slide. "I will walk onto the tour bus and smell fast food, throw it in the trash, and hand her a carrot and hummus," Davis revealed.That's smart, as weight loss is just one of the things that happen to your body when you eat hummus every day.

Fortunately for Gomez, those small changes to her diet make a big difference. "She responds really quickly," Davis continued. "We'll do barely any ab exercises and two days later, I'm like, 'Whoa!'" Imagine being able to tone up your abs that fast!

After shows, Selena Gomez likes to have these decadent foods

Just because Selena Gomez is a huge celebrity who constantly appears on the red carpet doesn't mean she doesn't like to indulge every now and then. While the singer is certainly under pressure to always look good, she also enjoys eating, and one of her favorite ways to treat herself is a total American classic.

According to Cosmopolitan, Gomez likes to have an ice-cold Coca-Cola after a show, with either a big, juicy burger, or a slice of pizza — and she has no regrets when she does. "I'm doing a 90-minute show, I'm doing it twice or three times a day, if I spoil myself a little bit, it's alright," she confessed.

Obviously, what Gomez typically eats in a day are mindful and health-oriented meals, but everyone deserves a break every now and then. Plus, Gomez eating pizza and burgers is just further proof that she's one of the most down-to-earth stars out there.

Selena Gomez typically enjoys chicken salad every day

What Selena Gomez Really Eats In A Day - The List (11)


Unlike many other celebrities who refuse to eat certain food products — such as dairy, gluten, carbs, or animal products, to name just a few — Selena Gomez seemingly has no restrictions. When it comes to what she typically eats in a day, though, it's clear that she tries to keep it both healthy and tasty. And while her diet might be different while she's on tour (while on tour, Gomez has rehearsals and performances day after day, so she needs more fuel that usual), one thing that Gomez always eats is a great source of protein and hydration.

No, we're not talking about a protein shake. Gomez's trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, told Byrdie that one of her client's most common meals is a light version of a deli favorite. "I also made healthy chicken salad with grapes and celery — it quenched her thirst and the protein filled her up," she explained.

Selena Gomez's favorite everyday snacks sound delicious

Let's be real, they may say that you should only eat three meals per day, but if you add in snacks, you're looking at closer to four meals, maybe even five. And who doesn't love a good snack? Whether it's a bag of chips or a plate of fruit, having a snack in the middle of the day can really help to tide you over until dinner.

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As far as Selena Gomez is concerned, the snacks that she eats every day are seriously delicious. Fans of Gomez are probably already aware of the singer's affinity towards pickles, but there are some other snack foods that the Texas native likes to keep on hand as well.Gomez's trainer, Amy Rosof Davis, told J-14that the most common snacks she has around are, "Pickles (her fave), tortilla chips and salsa or guac, chicken salad, or popcorn," she shared.

Frankly, Gomez's snack choices don't sound all that much different than what you might find in the kitchen of a regular, average person. Apparently you don't have to be a celebrity to eat like one, especially Gomez, who isn't one for bizarre celebrity health trends, it seems.

Selena Gomez has some guilty pleasures

Because Selena Gomez is focused on her overall health — both physical and mental — she doesn't follow a restrictive diet. As her trainer and all-around health guru, Amy Rosof Davis, told Cosmopolitan, moderation andnot restriction is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

That seems to be Gomez's philosophy when it comes to her favorite guilty pleasures.While Davis admitted that, "She loves Tex-Mex and fast food that I would normally not condone," that doesn't mean Gomez doesn't treat herself every now and then. As she told Entertainment Weekly, "I used to have chicken pot pie, Hot Cheetos, Gatorade, Red Bull if I needed a pep in my step." Alas, Gomez says she can't eat like that on the reg anymore.

But Gomez doesn't have to cut those foods out entirely, however. "I can still have my pot pies," she continued. "Just not every day." Honestly, an 80/20 lifestyle like that, of being healthy 80 percent of the time while enjoying yourself the other 20 percent, sounds like the way to go — and Gomez has mastered it.

There's one food Selena Gomez eats when her bestie is around

Juice cleanses have been all the rage in the health and diet industry, but Selena Gomez is justnot a huge juicer, Texas native that she is. And really, sincewhat happens to your body when you go on a juice cleanse may vary, Gomez isn't rushing to find out.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Gomez explained the main reason why she drinks juice every day: her dear friend is a huge fan. "My roommate, who's on the road with me, she has been making so many juices," she revealed. Perhaps that's how she started drinking juice to stay hydrated?

While Gomez might have gotten a bit tired of juice, she appreciates her roommate's sentiment. "I don't ever want to have another juice in my life but she's been forcing me to have it, which is really nice," she continued. Who could blame her? Solid food is always a solid choice.

Protein and veggies are typical dinners for Selena Gomez

When it comes time to wind down for the evening and eat a yummy dinner, Selena Gomez definitely has regular meals that she eats every day. Gomez's health trainer, Amy Rosof Davis, told J-14 that her typical dinner isn't anything fancy, but it does sound tasty and filling. And in fact, it might just be the kind of supper that you'd have with your family, too."Salmon and veg, roast chicken, pasta and veggies, or Mexican food," Davis explained. Those really are some down-to-earth options, as opposed to fancy fish and elevated vegan dishes.

Davis added that there's always a chance that Gomez goes all out for dinner, but it doesn't happen often. "She doesn't eat huge amounts or overindulge because she doesn't live by restrictive rules," she continued. "It doesn't mean eat a Big Mac at every meal, but it means you can eat things you love, just sensibly." So in a nutshell, Gomez might just have a Big Mac for dinner, but not every night. Sounds good!

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What do Selena Gomez eat in a day? ›

She chooses foods for stamina...

"I made a lot of rice bowls with veggies, protein, and avocado for Selena. It helped give her energy and stamina, which she needed to get through her shows. I also made healthy chicken salad with grapes and celery—it quenched her thirst and the protein filled her up.

How does Selena Gomez lose weight so fast? ›

Selena Gomez's weight loss secret, according to her coach, is not starving the body to keep metabolism up and running, consuming whole foods, and drinking lots of water. Also, Gomez followed a varied workout plan, with exercises ranging from Pilates, hiking, and dance to spinning, yoga, and circuit training.

Does Selena Gomez eat junk food? ›

Selena Gomez loves fast food, and she doesn't care what the haters say. Gomez took to her TikTok Stories on Sunday to talk about a recent trip to Jack in the Box, and spoke up against the criticism she's seen about her body.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite food? ›

Hot Cheetos are Selena Gomez's favorite thing to snack on when she is on the tour bus. She might be traveling from city to city to perform onstage but regardless of where she is, those Hot Cheetos must be on deck for her.

What was Selena Quintanilla's favorite food? ›

Selena's favorite food was pizza. She loved to brag that she could polish off a whole medium pizza by herself. Selena loved tacos from Jack In The Box when she was touring. In the early days, Jack In The Box was her family's favorite fast food restaurant.

What does Selena Gomez have for lunch? ›

Breakfast: Half of a healthy breakfast burrito of scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado, rice, and beans; or, full-fat Greek yogurt and granola. Lunch: A “power salad” of turkey, avocado, beans, with a homemade dressing of red wine vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, and lemon juice.

What is Selena Gomez's current weight? ›

She currently weighs 59 kg (130 pounds) and stands 5 feet 5 inches.

What is Selena Gomez workout? ›

But it's not just about strength movements—Selena's trainer recommends doing cardio three to five times a week, for around 30 minutes a time. That can be fast walking or dancing, through to jumping jacks, skipping or high-intensity interval training (better known as HIIT).

Why does lupus cause weight gain? ›

Weight gain may be related to salt and water retention associated with kidney disease (see 'Kidneys' below) or due to increased appetite (which can happen in people who take glucocorticoids). Specific organ symptoms — Lupus can affect virtually any organ of the body, resulting in a variety of symptoms.

How does Selena Gomez eat popcorn? ›

In a vintage clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Selena Gomez (and Texas native) demonstrates how to mix up her version of Texas-style popcorn: take a bag of unsalted popcorn, add salt and Tobasco, then drizzle on some pickle juice and shake until well-coated.

What is Selena Gomez's Favourite Colour? ›

Her favorite color is green.

Do famous people eat fast food? ›

Some celebrities have major soft spots for fast food — and they're never afraid to fulfill their cravings. Kylie Jenner decided to seek out some McDonald's after drinking with her sister Kendall Jenner for a YouTube video collaboration.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite fruit? ›

Mangos. Mango is Selena's favorite fruit. They're sweet and reminiscent of the islands, so we understand why she likes them so much.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite sport? ›

Selena loves to surf and skateboard. Her favorite sport is basketball.

What is Selena Gomez favorite song? ›

“Oh, 'Lose You to Love Me,' of course,” she shared.

What perfume did Selena wear? ›

Like most people, Selena Quintanilla had a signature scent that she became known for, according to E! News (opens in new tab). Her top fragrance choice was Boucheron Eau de Parfum, a sensual floral scent with sparkling fruit notes.

Where is Selena's egg ring now? ›

Quintanilla said that the ring was thrown into the ocean at the Gulf Of Mexico after Selena's death. Helping to keep Selena's music, memory and legacy alive since 1995!

What is an interesting fact about Selena? ›

In 1987 at the Tejano Music Awards, Selena won both Best Female Vocalist of the Year and Performer of the Year. Her 1990 album, Ven Conmigo, was the first Tejano record to achieve gold record status, selling more than 500,000 copies. She won the Grammy Award (for best Mexican-American album) in 1994 for her album Live.

What Selena Gomez eat for breakfast? ›

The star also learned to make a few other Tex-Mex and Spanish-inspired breakfasts on Selena + Chef. Jose's "New Way Omelet," loaded with Manchego cheese and Spanish Piquillo peppers, has become a staple. If Gomez is in the mood for something sweeter, her trainer says she'll opt for full-fat Greek yogurt and granola.

How old was Selena when she died? ›

How many kids does Selena Gomez have? ›

Does Selena Gomez Have Kids? As of 2022, the singer and songwriter doesn't have any children. There have been many rumors over the years, however, even one which involved her and Justin Bieber having a child, but these can be disregarded as they aren't true.

How old is Selena Gomez? ›

What is Kylie Jenner's workout routine? ›

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie's workouts include "a lot of weights, cardio, running, squats and push-ups." Learning this, I figured I'd use today as another cardio day to flush out any built-up lactic acid — which, according to Healthline, can build up during intense exercise and lead to painful, sore muscles.

How do u get lupus? ›

It's likely that lupus results from a combination of your genetics and your environment. It appears that people with an inherited predisposition for lupus may develop the disease when they come into contact with something in the environment that can trigger lupus. The cause of lupus in most cases, however, is unknown.

How long do lupus patients live? ›

The prognosis of lupus is better today than ever before. With close follow-up and treatment, 80-90% of people with lupus can expect to live a normal life span.

What is lupus pain like? ›

Lupus can also cause inflammation in the joints, which doctors call “inflammatory arthritis.” It can make your joints hurt and feel stiff, tender, warm, and swollen. Lupus arthritis most often affects joints that are farther from the middle of your body, like your fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and toes.

What is Taylor Swift's diet? ›

DIET: A Balanced Approach

When it comes to her diet, Swift takes a balanced approach, focusing on eating healthily during the week while allowing room for indulgences on the weekend. "During the week, I try to eat healthily, so that means salads, yoghurt, and sandwiches," she told WebMD. "No sugary drinks.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite color? ›


Fun Fact: Selena's Favorite Color is Green!!! selena gomez.

What's Taylor Swift's Favourite food? ›

Her favorite food is chicken tenders.

Is Taylor Swift vegetarian? ›

Despite not being a vegetarian, Taylor Swift is somewhat of an animal rights activist. She has shown commitment to environmentally responsible vegan fashion and she even canceled some gigs due to concerns about the abuse of animals on set.

Does Taylor Swift eat fast food? ›

She also revealed her appreciation of a good vodka-Diet Coke, her go-to fast food order (classic cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake, if you're wondering), and the best birthday cake she's ever had, which came from N.Y.C.'s Momofuku Milk Bar.

What is Selena Gomez favorite fruit? ›

Mangos. Mango is Selena's favorite fruit. They're sweet and reminiscent of the islands, so we understand why she likes them so much.

What is Selena Gomez favorite song? ›

“Oh, 'Lose You to Love Me,' of course,” she shared.

What is the most interesting fact about Selena Gomez? ›

Selena became the first person to hit one hundred million followers on Instagram. Each social media post is valued at $800,000 each. What is this? Although she was offered a role in High School Musical 3, she turned it down because she wanted to pursue more serious roles.


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