The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (2023)

Colorado is known for its epic snowboard terrain shared between 26 different resorts. But with so many ski resorts, which one should you choose? Which will make the most of your shred time?

Here are the 6 best places to snowboard in Colorado.

  1. Vail Mountain Resort
  2. Aspen Snowmass
  3. Telluride
  4. Beaver Creek
  5. Breckenridge
  6. Keystone

In this article, I’ll go into each of the best Colorado ski resorts for snowboarding. You’ll learn about the terrain, the atmosphere, and other cool aspects of these fantastic snowboard destinations.

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The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (1)

1. Vail Mountain Resort

Elevation: 8,150 ft (2484m) to 10,250 ft (3125m)
Trails: 5,317 acres (21.4 km2)
Snow Parks: 2
Lifts: 31
Off-Piste: Incredible terrain, especially in the back bowls.
Bonus Tip: Head to Blue Sky Basin for tree runs and ungroomed slopes


Vail is famous for its excellent snowboarding, as it is one of the largest ski resorts in the world. It also has some of Colorado's best snow-covered terrain. One of Vail's highlights is that it's home to 7 back bowls, offering seemingly unlimited potential for powder days.

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However, you can have plenty of fun carving up the endless groomers that are well looked after.

The size of the area means there's enough terrain for snowboarders of all levels. Even though Vail isn't exactly a high-altitude resort, it still gets 350" of snow every winter. So there's a good chance you'll experience great conditions during a trip.

How To Get To Vail:

Book flights to Denver International Airport or Eagle Regional Airport. Vail is 120 miles from Denver and 30 miles from Eagle Regional Airport.

Fun Fact:

Vail is home to the Burton Open, the world's longest-running snowboard competition.

Lift Ticket Price:

$564 - $792 for 6 days


  • Not great for intermediate riders, but beginners and advanced riders will love it.
  • It gets really crowded!

The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (2)

2. Aspen Snowmass

Elevation: 8,100 - 12,500 ft (2468 - 3810m)
Trails:5,527 acres (22.36km2) with 362 marked trails
Snow Parks:3
Off-Piste:Lots of terrain accessible from the town.
Additional: Popular with the rich and famous!


Aspen Snowmass is made up of four ski areas:

  1. Snowmass
  2. Aspen Mountain
  3. Aspen Highlands
  4. Buttermilk

This provides a huge amount of terrain to explore!The area isn't just one of the best places to snowboard in the world, it's one of the world's best snowboard destinations!It's therefore no surprise that it has become the home of the X-Games.

However, you don't need to be a pro rider to enjoy Aspen Snowmass. The 22-foot Snowmass Superpipe is open to anyone brave enough to give it a go. There's also a wide range of features and kickers in the park at Buttermilk.

How To Get To Aspen Snowmass:

Fly to Aspen, Vail/Eagle airport, or Denver International Airport. Be warned though, the small local airports are prone to closing in bad weather.

Fun Fact:

A new $10.7-million-dollar high-speed quad chairlift was opened for the 2021/2022 season.

Lift Ticket Price:

$714 for 6-days


  • Huge area
  • Excellent lift system and amenities
  • Nice town
  • Superb nightlife
  • Lots of other activities


  • It's not a cheap trip
  • The resorts are not connected by lifts or slopes; you need to catch a shuttle

The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (3)

3. Telluride Ski Resort

Elevation: 8,100 - 12,500 ft (2468 - 3810m)
Trails:5,527 acres (22.36km2) with 362 marked trails
Snow Parks:3
Off-Piste:Lots of terrain accessible from the town.
Additional: Popular with the rich and famous!


Telluride is a stunning ski resort located in the San Juan Mountains. But you'll love the terrain, too, especially as it gets consistently great snow each winter.

One of Telluride's big attractions is the incredible 3,845 feet (1,172m) of vertical drop. This makes it one of the best places to snowboard in Colorado. There's also a good mix of slopes of varying difficulties, so you'll be able to have fun no matter your skill level.

If you're an advanced snowboarder with a craving for freeriding, Telluride has you covered... especially if you like to hike or split-board. Earn your turns my friend! Telluride also gets about 300" of snow every year, which certainly helps.

How To Get To Telluride Ski Resort:

Fly to Denver, Telluride, or Montrose.Telluride is a 7-hour drive from Denver, but Telluride and Montrose regional airports are much closer.

Fun Fact:

Telluride is an old mining town, named way back in 1887. Some say that "Telluride" comes from the phrase "To hell you ride," describing the dangerous journey you had to take to get there back in the day.

Lift Ticket Price:

$1,074 for 7 days


  • Voted the best ski resort in the U.S
  • Great terrain for all abilities
  • Lots of activities


  • It takes lots of effort to get there
  • It's not a cheap ski resort (a little bit of a theme in Colorado it seems).
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The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (4)

4. Beaver Creek

Elevation: 8,100 - 11,400 ft (2468 - 3352m)
Trails: 2,082 acres (8.4km2)
Snow Parks:1
Off-Piste: Some great backcountry accessed with a small hike.
Additional Thoughts:Terrain not super gnarly, but there are great spots for advanced riders.


Beaver Creek is owned by Vail Resorts and is just down the road from Vail. It is the place to go if you want to be spoiled, as Beaver Creek is well-known for its superior customer service, friendly atmosphere, and perfectly manicured runs.

The ski area has something for everyone, but if you're a beginner snowboarder, you'll benefit from how well-groomed the runs are. This is also good news for speed freaks and carvers.

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Beaver Creek is the lowest of the area's big resorts, but this makes it easy to get to and you'll enjoy the milder temperatures. This is another reason why beginners love Beaver Creek. In addition to this, you can use it as a base to try out the other local resorts.

How To Get To Beaver Creek:

2 hour's drive from Denver or 25 minutes from Eagle County Airport.

Fun Fact:

You can enjoy freshly baked cookies at 3pm handed out for free by resort staff in chef's hats. Also, the sidewalks are heated, so there's no ice to slip on.

Lift Ticket Price:

$275 per day


  • Great all round ski resort
  • It has a lot of ski-in-ski-out accommodation.
  • Excellent amenities


  • Not the best resort in Colorado for powder
  • Quiet nightlife
  • Long lift lines

The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (5)

5. Breckenridge

Elevation: 9,600 - 12,998 ft (2,926 - 3962m)
Trails:184 runs covering 2,358 acres (9.54km2)
Snow Parks:4
Off-Piste: Lots of backcountry terrain accessible from the Imperial Chairlift.
Bonus Tips: There are some excellent places to eat all around the mountain


Breckenridge is one of the best places to snowboard in Colorado. It has everything you could wish for! If you want to blast groomers, pick your way through trees, or get nipple-deep in powder-filled bowls, Breckenridge delivers.

The back bowls are regarded as Breckenridge's best parts by most advanced skiers and snowboarders. They look intimidating, but you can have the ride of your life once you drop in.

You don't have to be an advanced rider to enjoy Breckenridge, though. It has something for everyone, and finding your way around is easy. It's also a good option for late-season riding. The snow at higher altitudes remains good, but you can also have fun in the slush lower down.

Breckenridge is a well-refined ski resort with a laid-back atmosphere, all while being a world-class snowsports destination. Therefore, you can't fail to have a fantastic time there.

How To Get To Breckenridge:

Breckenridge is 104 miles (166km) from Denver International Airport.

Fun Fact:

Breckenridge became Colorado's first major resort to allow snowboarding, way back in 1984!

Lift Ticket Price:

$179 for 1-day


  • Great nightlife
  • Excellent layout with ski-in-ski-out accommodation
  • Great for beginners and intermediate snowboarders
  • World-class snowparks
  • Close to other ski resorts for exploring


  • Horrendously long lift lines, you'll need to be patient
  • Some of the lifts are painfully slow
  • Day passes are expensive, but you can find deals for season and weekly passes

The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (6)

6. Keystone

Elevation: 9,280 - 12,408 ft (2828 - 3782m)
Trails: 3,148 acres (12.7km2)
Snow Parks: 1, but it's amazing
Off-Piste: Great bowls for powder days
Bonus Tips:You can access the bowls on a snowcat - which makes for a bucket-list day trip.


Keystone's ski area gives you access to three mountains, and each one takes you further from town, giving you a sense of being in the wilderness. So if you like to get away from the crowds, Keystone is one of the best places to snowboard in Colorado.

As you get further away from Keystone resort, the terrain gets more challenging. Therefore, beginners and those who like to cruise should stay close. But the North Peak and The Outback mountains have great terrain for intermediate and advanced riders.

How To Get To Keystone:

Keystone is 74 miles west of Denver. Take the scenic route on Highway 6, which is just a few minutes from I70.

Fun Fact:

Keystone has "Colorado's longest ski day," as it has night skiing.

Lift Ticket Price:

$1,140 for a week


  • Excellent allround resort
  • Family-friendly
  • Great infrastructure
  • Excellent snowpark
  • Snowcat snowboarding is epic


  • Doesn't get as much snow as other local resorts
  • Super busy close to the town
  • Extreme terrain is limited, but it's there.
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Final Thoughts

These are the 6 best places to snowboard in Colorado. They are truly epic, and all offer something slightly different.

What do you think?

Have I got the shortlist spot on, or am I completely off the mark? Let me know in the comments below!

If Colorado has failed to impress you (which is unlikely) then it’s worth checking out my favorite snowboard resorts in Utah or the best snowboard destinations in the Midwest.

Happy riding!

The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado! (7)


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Where do people go to snowboard in Colorado? ›

Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper, Vail and Beaver Creek are all located in the I-70 Corridor. These are the closest ski and snowboard areas to Denver, and some of the most popular in Colorado state.

Where is the best snow in Colorado? ›

Wolf Creek Ski Area is famous for getting the most snow of any resort in Colorado — an astounding annual average of 430 inches.

Is Colorado a good place to snowboard? ›

Colorado offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the United States, and snowfall amounts during major storms can be spectacular.

Where do billionaires go to ski? ›

St Moritz, Switzerland

One of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world is St Moritz. The Swiss resort regularly hosts celebrities and leading business people because of its vast luxury options. Located in the Engadine Valley, it offers stunning mountain views.

Why is Breckenridge so popular? ›

Much like Aspen and Vail, Breckenridge is a town that is known for its luxe ski resort, stunning mountain scenery, and endless recreation. The former mining town is lined with hundreds of restaurants, shops, and saloons. Breck attracts visitors from around the world.

What is the snowiest mountain in Colorado? ›

High elevation, early season storms help a few key resorts open terrain first (Wolf Creek, A-Basin, Loveland, Silverton). The snowiest mountain range in the state is the Park Range N. NE of Steamboat.

What city has the best snow? ›

Snowfall Totals by City
RankCityAverage annual snowfall
1VALDEZ, AK316.8
156 more rows

What is the hardest mountain to snowboard? ›

Most Difficult Ski Resorts
  • Jackson Hole, USA. ...
  • Kicking Horse, Canada. ...
  • Palisades Tahoe, USA (formerly Squaw Valley) ...
  • St Anton, Austria. ...
  • Verbier, Switzerland. ...
  • Val d'Isere, France. ...
  • Whistler, Canada. ...
  • Zermatt, Switzerland. Known for the iconic view of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is also one of the hardest ski resorts in Europe.
Oct 27, 2021

Is it cheaper to ski or snowboard? ›

Skiing Equipment Is More Expensive

This just comes down to the amount of equipment you need for each sport. With snowboarding, you just need a board. With skiing, you need two poles and two skis, which runs the price up a bit higher.

What age do most people stop snowboarding? ›

For snowboarders, retirement comes early. “The average age is probably 22,” says pro Eric Willett, “and I'm 28 and getting pretty close to the end of the competitive side of it.” Willett isn't just older than the average snowboarder, he also got started later.

Who is the number 1 snowboarder? ›

1. Shaun White. Shaun White is a professional snowboarder and skateboarder from the United States. He is a five-time Olympian and a three-time Olympic gold medalist in halfpipe event.

Where is snowboard most popular? ›

The World's Top 3 Countries for Skiing and Snowboarding

The United States, France and Austria consistently rank as the three most popular countries to ski and snowboard each year.

What time of year is best for snowboarding in Colorado? ›

If it's cold, soft snow for skiing or snowboarding you seek, aim for late June to early September. For the most reliable, good-quality snow, target January and February.

Where do old money ski? ›

Favourite Ski Resorts of the Rich & Famous
  • Courchevel 1850, France.
  • Verbier, Switzerland.
  • St Moritz, Switzerland.
  • Lech, Austria.
  • Megève, France.
  • Zermatt, Switzerland.
  • Cortina, Italy.
  • Aspen, USA.
Aug 9, 2017

Where do rich people ski Colorado? ›

At the start of the 2021 ski season, I visited the US' most expensive ski town: Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is a luxury playground for the rich and famous where property sells for $8,000 a square foot.

Where do most celebrities ski in Colorado? ›

Aspen, Colorado, USA: the Hollywood of winter

Undoubtedly, the number one celebrity ski hotspot is Aspen, Colorado. Located in the Rocky Mountains region, the resort is home to 337 runs snuggled between snow-capped mountains and brimming with opulent nightlife flashpoints.

Is Aspen better than Breckenridge? ›

You'll spend a little more on travel, food, lodging and skiing at Aspen, and you might have fewer crowds to contend with. Breckenridge doesn't have quite as many acres to ski and fewer dining options than Aspen, but it's also less expensive, easier to access and has a more laid-back vibe.

Is Breckenridge a rich town? ›

Here's a look at the Breckenridge data: Population: 31,004 (Summit County) Median individual income: $31,611. Median home value: $547,700.

Is Breckenridge a beginner mountain? ›

Breckenridge, Colorado is a great ski mountain for skiers of all abilities. It has family-friendly terrain for beginners, amazing intermediate, groomed runs for skiers and boarders ready to take it to the next level and plenty of advanced terrain for expert skiers.

What part of Colorado is best for skiing? ›

Colorado Ski Resort Rankings
  • Telluride. 95.6.
  • Vail. 90.8.
  • Snowmass. 88.9.
  • Steamboat. 88.3.
  • Winter Park. 85.4.
  • Beaver Creek. 84.9.
  • Aspen Highlands. 83.8.
  • Aspen Mountain. 83.0.

What is the best month to snowboard in Colorado? ›

If it's cold, soft snow for skiing or snowboarding you seek, aim for late June to early September. For the most reliable, good-quality snow, target January and February.

How far is Denver from snowboarding? ›

Calling All Overlooked Adventurers. Located just 36 miles from downtown Denver, Echo mountain offers an experience that is close, affordable, and kick-butt!

How much does it cost to snowboard in Colorado? ›

Breckenridge Ski Resort lift tickets range from around $80-150 per day depending on time of year and type of pass. Discounts for advance purchase, children and military are available. Be sure to factor in prices of travel, dining, lodging, ski equipment rentals and extra activities when calculating costs.


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