Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (2022)

Lady Dimitrescu was nowhere to be found

As someone whose PS4 has been collecting dust for months and who decided to go with the Xbox Series X instead of PlayStation 5, I had no choice but to wait until May to play the Resident Evil Village Demo.

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First, though, I should confess something. I’m a Resident Evil virgin. That’s right, I’ve never played any of the RE games before. I’ve watched a lot of gameplay on YouTube from some of the earlier RE games, but I never played one myself.

There are two reasons for that.

One, I’m not a fan of horror games. I like my scares to come passively, e.g., in movies. 😛 Playing games requires active concentration, and I’m not always a big fan of scaring myself. The only horror game that I remember enjoying was Left 4 Dead 2. But that’s a co-op game, so you don’t really feel alone, even if your co-shooters are made up of 0s and 1s.

Two, I have a health issue. I don’t know exactly what that is, but certain first-person games make me nauseous, sweat, and feel extremely unwell. I don’t know exactly what types — like Far Cry 1, 3, and 4 never made me physically unwell. But games like Just Cause 4, certain portions of Far Cry 5, Half-Life 2, etc., make me extremely sweaty, even when I’m sitting directly below an air conditioner.

I don’t know the reason. But I know that it happens when it’s a first-person game and I’m looking for something (as opposed to, say, shooting, driving, or generally engaged in some form of activity).

As Resident Evil fans know, there’s a lot of “looking for something” involved in this series. And the Village demo that I played today had its fair share of searching, too. Even for a few minutes, I had that sickly feeling. It had begun to develop, but because the scene quickly moved on to dialogues and/or actions, I quickly recovered and felt better.

I won’t be buying Resident Evil Village for this reason. But if this wasn’t an issue, I totally would.

Here’s why.

Everything that happened in Resident Evil Village Demo

It sets the stage with three short sentences.

Ethan’s daughter, Rose, has been kidnapped. He now finds himself in a strange village.

After wandering for a while, he comes across an old woman…

Here’s what happened in my first playthrough:


I see the strange woman at first. As I, Ethan, try talking to her, she immediately says I’m the child’s father. Desperate, I ask if Rose is here, and the woman says she is here, but she’s in danger.

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She leaves without saying anything helpful, and as I look in the distance, I see the towering castles that look mysterious and creepy amid mist, snow, and shadow.

My daughter is in danger. But what danger? What is this lady? Where’d the skulls come from?

Putting those thoughts aside, I start to look around for clues, and I find some notes and other tidbits, but my first main puzzle comes as I try to open a large gate that seems to be the only way to get to those towers. I have a strange feeling that Rose must be in there, even though there are houses closer to me.

Because the door won’t budge without the circular missing pieces, I start to look around. I still don’t know what I’m looking for, but at least I know the shape of my target.

After walking around aimlessly, I discover that one of the iron gates is open, and I can just push through it to get to the other side. I walk towards it, picking up a few more “items” in the meantime that might come in handy to craft things like first aid. Not that I’m looking forward to needing one.

I also habitually check what’s already in my inventory. I’m reminded that I only have a small knife, a semi-automatic pistol, and an extra magazine of bullets. I don’t know yet if I’m up against anything other than human. If human, I have enough weapons. But if something else, then what?

(Video) Resident Evil Village: Winters' Expansion - Before You Buy

Impossible to know if I’m carrying enough without knowing who, or what, the enemy is.

More importantly, I don’t have a choice. I have what I have, and the only way to find my daughter is to push through.

So I walk.


The village is creepily quiet. It’s as if something terrible has happened. Something so horrifying that everyone had to leave. But, I have a sensation that nobody actually left. Or, perhaps, nobody had the chance to leave. They are still here. Yet, at the same time, they aren’t.

As my mind races to find meaning in all of this and find my daughter before she too joins the rest of the villagers, I come across a house.

A house with an unlocked door.

There are lit candles, a little too many for an average house, I think. I walk up to where the candles are and immediately see something circular. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know why it’s here, but I know that it will fit that large door that’s standing in my way to the castle.

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So I pick it up. I also equip my knife. I still don’t know what I’m up against, but I’m strangely hoping that it’s human. At least, a knife will be enough to bring one to his knees.

I also look around and shamelessly pick up a few other items. I feel like a thief, but I still have that sensation that whoever owns all this stuff won’t really be back to use any of it again.

I also collect a map and get out of the door at the other end of the house. It looks like there’s a pathway. I don’t pay much attention to the map. Something tells me I must go this way since I still need to pick up one more of those circular things to open the evil-looking door.

I don’t like going deeper into this village when I know my real destination is behind me. But, as is the case oftentimes, I have no other way.


As I go through the boundary, I first see a tall figure standing at the edge of a wheat field. “Field” might be an overstatement here. Let’s just say a neglected backyard full of overgrown grass. I don’t feel fear, though, for what I look at is nothing but a scarecrow.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (3)

I still don’t know what lurks behind the scarecrow, hidden among tall grasses. As visibility gets poorer, my heartbeat starts racing. I equip my semi-automatic pistol. Ready to shoot my way out of the danger.

I walk into the tall grass, and a few long moments later, I find myself lost.

Frantically, I shoot at some bags of flour, I don’t know why, but shortly after, I realize my mistake.


At first, I hear just the snarling.

I can hear it faintly. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m not even sure if I actually hear it. Empty, snowy, cold, and mysterious; they don’t make for a condition where the mind can be sharp. Add the fact that my daughter is missing, and the only person I’ve seen so far has uttered cryptic cultish words. I’m not exactly too far from going crazy and “hearing things.”

Gradually, I feel that not only is the hellish sound becoming louder, but it’s also beginning to come from all directions. I start to feel surrounded by monsters. Well, only their sound, for now.

Just as I begin to think I’m going crazy, I see “it.”

(Video) Resident Evil Village - Before You Buy

Can you call it human? Absolutely not. I see its hellish eye for a moment before it charges towards me. They aren’t even walking like humans. They don’t seem like the enemy you can reason with. And something about their physique just tells you, you ain’t gonna overpower them.

I don’t waste any more time.

I make a run for it.

And then, I make my second mistake. When I see more of them coming from every direction, I start shooting haphazardly in an attempt to flee. And I waste valuable bullets, failing to land most of them on any part of their bodies. Some of them jump at me, but I manage to escape.

It’s not a fight I want to win. It’s one I want to flee.

In the end, though, I manage to kill them. I don’t know if I killed some of them and scared the rest or if I did actually get all of them, but I don’t know. All I care about now is moving ahead and getting a second piece of the circular thing.


I find more items scattered throughout the village. But my most shocking — and relieving — finding comes inside a small house. As happy as I would have been if it was the final circular piece of the puzzle, I’m not exactly heartbroken either to find another of my species — a young girl.

Shortly after, I find out that she’s not alone. She has an injured father, who’s wary of me, lying just to her side. He carries a machete. I maintain my distance and assure the two of them that I’m not the danger.

Unlike ten minutes ago, I now know who — or what — the dangers are.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (4)

Despite the old man’s distrust in me, the outsider, I want to help him. His daughter tells me they have to get into Luiza’s house. It’s the least I can do for an injured man with his daughter. Besides, I’m not going to lose them. At this point, I’d take my chances with human enemies instead of whatever the hell was out there.

I leave them to find a way to open another gate to a large house. I need to help the father and the daughter get inside the small compound in front of the house.

As I get inside, open the large gate, and ask the father-daughter to come, something about my daughter and me pops up in my mind.

Will I be injured with my daughter by my side?

Or will it be the other way?

Or will I die alone, never knowing what happened to my daughter?

As her father sits in front of the house, I shake my thoughts and knock on the door a few times. Nobody answers. As Elena, the daughter, does the same, somebody opens the door, but the first thing to come out is the barrel of a gun.

A woman comes out too. She lets Elena and her father inside. The man with the gun doesn’t trust me, understandably so, and if it wasn’t for the woman’s kindness, I’d never be allowed in.

After entering the house, I look around. A letter and an album catch my attention. However, before I can look deeper into the album, the woman comes back and leads me to a room inside.

The drama that took place at the door repeats itself.

Of course, I’m an outsider. There’s no reason to trust me. But a particular man with a foul mouth is on the verge of verbally abusing me. I don’t say anything to him, my self-respect is the least of my worries right now, but I keep asking what has happened to the village.

Shortly, as I let out my disbelief that everyone left alive in the village is in this very room, something godawful happens.

(Video) Resident Evil Village: Winters' Expansion Review

It starts slowly. Just as we all finish saying our prayer, Elena’s father, Leonardo, starts to growl and suddenly upends the dining table, causing the floor mat to catch fire. Before we understand what’s going on, he takes his machete and goes straight for the kind woman who had let me in.

The last peaceful place in the village turns fiery and violent in a matter of seconds.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (5)

As I crawl backward into what looked like a narrow corridor, I witness how a talking person became a “monster” and started biting the rest of the group. I manage to snatch Elena, and we keep backing before finding a door and closing it shut on Leonardo as he keeps heading for us.

I don’t know how long the door will hold him. The fire is spreading. We have to find a way to get out.

As is the case oftentimes, there wasn’t a way out.

Not unless we made one.


There is a truck on this side of the door. No keys on the ignition. Of course, that’d be too easy.

I frantically search this side of the house as the fire spreads on. I find a few more things throughout, some bullets too, thankfully. Eventually, in another room, I find the key and a screwdriver. I also find the door to the outside. It’s sealed. But nothing a small truck couldn’t break. Or so I think.

I ask Elena to back away as I fire up the engine and head straight for the door. After several attempts, I spectacularly fail. The fire’s all around me. I have been feeling the heat for a while now, but now, I feel like I’m burning.

So, this is how I die. Strangely enough, even at this time, all I can think about is Rose. Even stranger is the fact that I can’t remember what she looks like. Was I bit in the wheat field? Am I losing my mind?

What does it matter, though? I’m losing my life. After a few excruciating minutes, none of it will matter.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (6)

A fraction of a second after I gave up on my life, I notice the “way” to get up. To go upstairs and find a way to escape this burning house.

Elena and I manage to escape the ground floor after I find my strength back. I still can’t believe it. I was dying a moment ago, and now I’ve made it. Can my daughter make it too?

I see an open window to get out of the house. It’s within our reach. There’s just one sloppy board to get over. And then we’ll be free. I go over it first, and then I help Elena. But just as I’m heading towards the window, there’s a blast below, and out comes Elena’s father.

I can’t imagine what that must feel like for her. But that person – if you can call it a person – is not Elena’s father. I told her once, and she seemed to get it. But this time, her father calls out her by name, “Elena.”

That is enough for her. She goes back down. I try desperately to get her back. I extend my hand, trying to reach her, and I pretty much beg her to give me her hand. She doesn’t. She has decided. She won’t come back. She bids me goodbye, and soon after, another blast swallows the father-daughter due to their death.

My survival instinct kicks in, and I run to the window to save my life. But I stop there. I look back at where Elena had been a moment ago. Then I look out the window.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (7)

The view out is beautiful from up here. You can see the mountains in the distance. Treelines look mysteriously beautiful amid thick fog. But I’m not in a mood to see it. For a moment, I remember all the shit I’ve been through all my life. Every time I think, I’ve had enough tragedies for one life, another one rears its head.

I don’t know why the fuck this is happening again.


I make my way down and out of the burning house. It won’t be too long until the house completely collapses. I have no reason to stick around.

(Video) Resident Evil Village Review - Ethan Winters vs. The World

Just as I head back out, I find a small place with a pair of candles inside. I get my screwdriver out of my bag and open it up.

There’s the final piece of the puzzle. A not-so-perfectly-circular crest that looks like the face of a demon. If I was telling my life why the fuck all of this was happening again, I assume that would be the face life would have made.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (8)

I grab the thing and try to open yet another gate to go back to the main gate. “That’s a lot of gates I’ve been opening,” I think to myself. But before I could chuckle at my own thought, I heard someone screaming.

“Stop! Mother Miranda!”

I witness another murder. I hear a woman’s voice as she laughs after killing the screaming man and walks away. I hesitate for two moments. Should I follow her? I have a gun. And she seemed to have used some sort of a sharp weapon. Would I win if she tried to do the same thing to me?

After giving her more than enough headstart so she can’t catch me, I walk back down the cursed wheat field. I see that strange woman again.

“Death. Yes. Death has visited them all!” she says, I don’t know to whom. She mustn’t have seen me from her behind.

I don’t try to talk to her either. I think about shooting her, but why should I? She hasn’t killed anyone. It didn’t look like she was “Mother Miranda” either. Or was she?

I try to aim my weapon at her, and to my surprise, I find that I can’t.

I realize this is getting even creepier, and I have to get out of her surroundings. I’ve had enough things happen to me in just half an hour. I’m not ready for more cryptic, creepy, and deathly words from her.

Part of me wants to ask her about my daughter. It pops up on my mind that she’s the only one who has said that my daughter was here and in danger. The other part of me, the tired part, doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, just as I didn’t after her cryptic cultish words half an hour ago.

It’s as if life has come full circle, except I still don’t have my daughter.


I walk back to the huge gate and open it using the two sets of crests. The door opens fairly easily, unveiling the path before me that leads to those giant scary towers.

Review and Full Story: Resident Evil Village Demo - Single Player Blog (9)

The path doesn’t look any different than the ones I’ve just crossed.

Yet, somehow, I feel that it will be more brutal, sinister, and deadly.

Thoughts on the demo

As you can see, I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes, I fill in the blanks in the gameplay even when nothing’s really happening. I can immerse myself in the game that way and understand the game’s world on a deeper level.

To that end, Resident Evil Village felt amazing. I really wish I could play it more and finish it. But due to the health condition I wrote above, I know that I’m not going to be able to finish the game. There’s going to be a lot more searching and puzzle-solving in the game, and I’m physically not prepared for it.

So I’d rather not spend the money on it (maybe if it’s on sale someday or if it appears on Game Pass, I’ll pick it up).

But should you buy the game?

Based on my less than half an hour’s playthrough, I think you absolutely should. Of course, that also depends on what type of game you like.

I liked it not just because of the lore, gameplay, and the overall atmosphere, but also because I got a “Bloodborne” vibe from it. Don’t get me wrong, this game is far from a souls game, but remember how you’re thrown into Yharnam, and you have to figure stuff out? I had a similar feeling here.

(Video) Resident Evil Village - Easy Allies Review

In any case, if you want to read more reviews from seasoned RE players, you can check out Collider and Gamerant.

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How long can you play Resident Evil village demo? ›

In the demo, you've got 60 minutes to try out Third-Person Mode and see Ethan go through hell in a new way! Of course, First-Person Mode is still available, so choose whichever viewpoint you like! Additional Information: ・Each player's time with the demo is limited to a total play time of 60 minutes.

Can a 13 year old play Resident Evil Village? ›

Scary, yet definitely not for kids

The game is violent, as you'd expect, especially considering that the entirety of it is viewed in first person, where most of the blood and gore can be seen clearly.

How long does it take to 100% re8? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Resident Evil Village is about 9½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 37 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Resident Evil Village stressful? ›

Resident Evil Village is perhaps the most technically proficient and visually impressive PS5 and Xbox Series X game available right now. It should be experienced first hand if you have the stomach for its high-octane action and debilitating scares.

What is the shortest Resident Evil game? ›

1/14 Shortest: Resident Evil: Survivor - 2 Hours.

Is Resident Evil Village short? ›

The length of Resident Evil Village is greater than that of Resident Evil 7 but doesn't compare with the longest entries in the series, with many reviewers completing the game in 10-12 hours or even less.

Who is the oldest daughter in Resident Evil Village? ›

7/9 Bela Is The Oldest Of The Three

She is seen as the eldest daughter and the "leader" of the three, though she falls fairly early on in the castle part of the game. Bela traps Ethan near the kitchen after her sister chased him into the cells below the castle.

Is Resident Evil Village or 7 Scary? ›

However, Village has a different approach to its big baddies, and the cat-and-mouse feeling only shows up a couple of times in the playthrough. That means Resident Evil 7 still holds its crown as the scariest game in the franchise.

Is Resident Evil 18 +? ›

Netflix's much-awaited Resident Evil has finally hit the streaming platform. Per a report by Bloody Disgusting, MPA has given the film an R rating, citing ''strong violence and gore and language throughout.

How long is Lady dimitrescu in the game? ›

This terrifying villain stalks the halls of the game's castle area along with her three spooky daughters, and Lady Dimitrescu is approximately 9 feet, 6 inches tall in her heels and fabulous hat, developer Capcom confirmed.

Is Resident Evil Village the longest game? ›

Resident Evil Village is the fourth-longest game from the list of all eight Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 6 (22 hours), Resident Evil 4 (16 hours), and Resident Evil 5 (12 hours) are longer in runtime than the latest iteration of the long-running series.

What is the scariest Resident Evil? ›

With that out of the way, here are the scariest Resident Evil games ever made.
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2. ...
  • Resident Evil 4. ...
  • Resident Evil 0. ...
  • Resident Evil Village. ...
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. ...
  • Resident Evil Remake. ...
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake. ...
  • Resident Evil 7.
20 Oct 2022

What is the scariest thing in Resident Evil Village? ›

House Beneviento, the scariest level in Resident Evil Village, works because it knows that running and hiding aren't fun for a whole game.

Why is Resident Evil so creepy? ›

Part of what makes Resident Evil 7 so scary is its array of villains and enemies. Whether it be killer insects or a marauding member of the Baker family, the shadows always carry a promise of danger.

What is the funnest Resident Evil game? ›

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remains one of the most unique games in the series. It introduced many new gameplay elements that would shape the series moving forward. RE3 was the first game with ammo crafting, a mechanic that would continue to be expanded upon throughout the series.

Which Resident Evil has the longest campaign? ›

It can feel like a mean joke that Resident Evil 6 is the longest Resident Evil game. RE6 is almost universally considered the worst mainline Resident Evil game and represents everything wrong with action-based Resident Evil games. RE6 is split between four different campaigns, which can be played in co-op like RE5.

Can a 15 year old play Resident Evil 7? ›

Good game for teens

Yes it does have gory and disturbing scenes but as long as your child is at least a teen, this game is for them.

Why is Resident Evil Village file so small? ›

Finally, the 27.325 GB figure does not include the Day One patch, which the Microsoft store could include. The smaller size of the game could be related to the PlayStation 5 SSD, which Sony informed us would mean reduced loading times and smaller file sizes.

Is Resident Evil Village big? ›

Luckily, Resident Evil Village doesn't appear to be that big of a game—at least when it comes to file size. The listing on the Microsoft Store approximates that Resident Evil Village will take up around 15GB of space on your hard drive when buying the regular version of the game.

Is Lady dimitrescu in the DLC? ›

In addition to the new Mercenaries levels there are also new playable characters for Mercenaries, including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and everyone's favorite giant vampire, Lady Dimitrescu.

Can you hide from Lady Dimitrescu? ›

Even if she's still wandering around near the Main Hall outside, you can take the side passage near the Entrance Hall to slip past her. In a pinch, you can also duck into the Wine Room above the Main Hall.

Why is Lady Dimitrescu so popular? ›

Why Lady Dimitrescu Is So Popular. Last month, Capcom revealed Lady Dimitrescu's height, which is approximately 2.9 meters tall, or 9 feet and 6 inches. Of course, this contributed to her rise to stardom given that she is taller than some of Resident Evil's most iconic antagonists, including Nemesis and Mr. X.

What is Lady Dimitrescu real name? ›

Alcina Dimitrescu

Which is better RE7 or village? ›

Resident Evil 7 mostly stays level with its gameplay from beginning to the end, with the exception of earning a few more weapons. Resident Evil Village switches things up more often. It is a little longer too. Different enemies require different strategies.

Can a 12 year old play RE7? ›

Parents: According to the ESRB, this game is rated M and contains blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language. No kids.

How scary is RE8? ›

In comparison to past titles of the legendary horror series, Resident Evil Village lacks a critical element – it isn't very scary. That isn't to say that the game is without its scares.

Is Resident Evil 7 okay for kids? ›

This game is fantastic for teaching young kids about the evils of the world. It also teaches them to fight their way out of intense situations that threaten their life. Overall, the positive messages and empathetic protagonist make this game a morally rich thrill ride!

Can a 10 year old watch Resident Evil? ›

The live-action series was given an age rating of TV-MA, meaning it may not be suitable for ages 17 and under. It was given this rating due to the frightening scenes throughout, extremely graphic violence, gore, profanity, and smoking. Overall, Resident Evil is meant to be watched by mature audiences only.

Is Resident Evil 9 a thing? ›

Resident Evil 9 is a long way off, but even with all the directions that game could take, fans suspect that the modern naming scheme will hold. The Resident Evil franchise has entered a short lull between the Winters' Expansion for Resident Evil Village and the much anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake.

Does 777 have lei RE8? ›

If you sell a Magnum Ammo bullet and 11 Rifle Ammo bullets, you will get 777 Lei. As long as you began with zero, this will complete the achievement.

How do you unlock the lightsaber in RE8? ›

To unlock the Resident Evil Village Lightsaber, you first have to beat the main game once. After that, the game will reward you access to The Mercenaries Mode.

Is Lady Dimitrescu 9 feet tall? ›

Lady Dimitrescu is said to be 9'6" tall which makes her even more intimidating than she appears to be just from her design. The details were revealed in an interview that the game's art director Tomonori Takano did recently with IGN.

Is Lady Dimitrescu a vampire or a witch? ›

Promotional trailers released earlier this year featured one of its new antagonists, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu: an enormous, muscular vampire woman in a long white gown with a wide-brimmed hat, fingernails extending into vicious claws, and a devilish grin.

How tall is Lady Dimitrescu without heels and hat? ›

Lady Dimitrescu towers over the other women / probably-vampires in this scene. A lot of people have wondered exactly how tall Lady Dimitrescu is, apparently, and Kotaku's Ash Parrish even went to great lengths to estimate that Lady Dimitrescu is 96 inches tall (8 feet).

What happens after you beat Resident Evil Village? ›

After beating the game once, the Bonus Shop will unlock in the main menu. By completing Challenges through basic gameplay (killing bosses under a set amount of times, killing a certain number of enemies with a specific gun type,) etc., players can earn CP to redeem in the Bonus Shop.

Is Re village longer than re7? ›

Resident Evil Village producer Peter Fabiano has confirmed in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via. Game Infinitus) that the game will be much longer than Resident Evil 7. According to How Long To Beat, Resident Evil 7 takes around nine and a half hours to complete.

What is the longest section of Resident Evil Village? ›

It's clearly designed for multiple playthroughs, as the player can easily complete the game in under 5 hours if they know what they're doing. However, there is one section of the game that is far, far too long: the final factory area.

Who is the strongest boss in Resident Evil? ›

The ultimate confrontation against Albert Wesker is easily the best final boss fight in the Resident Evil series. As the last and most iconic of Umbrella's leaders, Wesker is by far the biggest bad Resident Evil has ever had, and probably will ever have.

Who is the most popular villain in Resident Evil? ›

No villain is more synonymous with Resident Evil than Albert Wesker. The former S.T.A.R.S member betrays his team early into the series before going on a journey to wipe out humanity.

Who is the creepy girl in Resident Evil? ›

Lisa Trevor is a character from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. She is featured in the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Lisa was a human test subject forced to undergo a plethora of biological experiments conducted by the nefarious Umbrella Corporation.

Can you hurt dimitrescu? ›

When she is chasing you throughout Castle Dimitrescu, she cannot be killed. Your bullets may stagger her for a moment or two, allowing you to slip away, but she can never be downed permanently.

Should I shoot the goats in Resident Evil Village? ›

Finding an destroying all of them will award you the Cynic Trophy/Achievement (Destroy 1) and Heretic Trophy Achievement (Destroy 20). Unlike previous Resident Evil games, finding them all will not unlock any special weapons, but it will award you 16,000 CP to use in the Extra Content Shop after beating the game.

What is the hardest boss in Resident Evil Village? ›

Resident Evil Village: Every Boss Fight, Ranked
  • 8/10 8/10 Dimitrescu Daughters.
  • 7/10 7/10 Urias.
  • 6/10 6/10 Urias Strajer.
  • 5/10 5/10 Moreau.
  • 4/10 4/10 Sturm.
  • 3/10 3/10 The Baby.
  • 2/10 2/10 Mother Miranda.
  • 1/10 1/10 Heisenberg.
12 Aug 2022

Why does Resident Evil not show Ethan's face? ›

It turns out that Ethan is extremely camera shy. Even if you turn the camera to try and get a front-on view, Ethan will turn his face away, stopping you from getting a proper look. That visage just wasn't made for camera, we're afraid.

Why does Resident Evil hide Ethan's face? ›

Ethan, the main character of "7", is the player's alter ego, so I try not to show his face as much as possible". Village's director Kento Kinoshio then added, "Even if you try to turn around to the face with the camera, it will properly turn away or change the angle".

Is Chris Redfield a villain now? ›

So the short answer is that no, Chris Redfield is not a villain in Resident Evil Village. Redfield is briefly teased to be taking a villainous turn at the start of the game, but it doesn't take long for players to realize that Chris is not actually evil.

Can the Resident Evil village demo be played more than once? ›

If you played the demo last time, you won't be able to play it again. A demo for Resident Evil Village's third-person mode is now available on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Can you play the Resident Evil demo more than once? ›

To play the Resident Evil: Village demo more than once, players just need to log into a different PSN account. It's really that simple. It's a one-shot demo, but every PSN account gets a shot. This is because many households have multiple players per system, so it'd be unfair to restrict the demo time per console.

Can I run Resident Evil village demo? ›

No registration is necessary, and you can use either a keyboard and mouse or game controller for input. Capcom says the demo will run on Windows 10 or 11, macOS 11, Android 11, or iOS 14.3 or later, and recommends the latest version of the Chrome browser for all platforms except iOS where Safari is used.

Is Resident Evil village demo still available? ›

Resident Evil Village is readily available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Resident Evil Village Gold Edition launches on October 28, 2022, with a gameplay demo available now.

Do I need to play re 7 to play village? ›

Do I Need To Play Resident Evil 7 Before Resident Evil Village? The short answer is no. Upon starting a new campaign, Village will ask if you wish to relive the events of Resident Evil 7 through a short compilation video.

Is Resident Evil Village a big game? ›

Luckily, Resident Evil Village doesn't appear to be that big of a game—at least when it comes to file size. The listing on the Microsoft Store approximates that Resident Evil Village will take up around 15GB of space on your hard drive when buying the regular version of the game.

Can I pause the Resident Evil village demo? ›

Just like previous RE Village demos with timers, players will have a limited time to experience the game in third-person - one hour. According to the Resident Evil website, players are able to halt their progress by quitting out of the game, with the 60-minute timer pausing until Continue is selected from the menu.

How many demos does Resident Evil Village have? ›

There will be three sessions for the Resident Evil Village demo, each offering different maps and experiences.

Is Lady Dimitrescu in the demo? ›

Without spoiling the demo too much, you'll meet a couple of the inhabitants of the castle, and, yes, Lady Dimitrescu is just as charming, tall, and terrifying as we've been led to believe.

Is Resident Evil Village tough? ›

Village of Shadows difficulty is the absolute hardest difficulty in the game, and is similar to Resident Evil 7's Madhouse difficulty by spreading checkpoints further apart, introducing enemies found later in the story much earlier, increasing the number of enemies in each area, and greatly increasing the health of all ...

What is the Resident Evil village demo? ›

This demo lets you experience a taste of the survival horror sensation, Resident Evil Village, as well as the Third Person Mode added in the Gold Edition, which brings a new perspective to the action. A time limit applies on how long you can play. Don't miss out! Note: Availability subject to change without notice.

Is there a cracked Resident Evil Village? ›

And yet, I can confirm that Resident Evil Village on PC in its cracked form does run smoother than the flawed official release. In fact, the compromised code addresses the two key performance issues my colleague Alex Battaglia noted in his Resident Evil Village PC tech review.

Can I get Resident Evil Village for free? ›


All you need to do is head to the official Resident Evil Village site on Capcom and input your date of birth. From there, you can immediately begin to play Resident Evil Village, thanks to streaming technology.


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