Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Testing Area, Barn Battle, Party Room Passcode, and how to beat the Fat Molded (2022)

Having found the two keycards, you're finally ready to take on the challenges set by the son of the Baker clan, Lucas. Probably the most unhinged of the family, you won't actually be facing him directly. Rather, you must now make your way through his series of deadly traps in order to reach Mia and Zoe and retrieve the D-Series Head. This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide will also detail how to get the Party Room passcode and find the stabiliser.

For the previous part of this walkthrough, check out Resident Evil 7 – Happy Birthday Videotape guide. You can find the full rundown of everything the game has to offer - and how to beat it - in our full Resident Evil 7 walkthrough page, which also includes collectible-hunting lists and details on the post-game options like Madhouse mode.

Resident Evil 7 Testing Area Guide and Walkthrough

Starting from back in the safe room trailer, be sure to sort out your inventory and save. This is a point of no return, at least for the Old House and Main House portions of the Baker Estate, so if you've got any Files or Mr Everywhere Bobbleheads or Antique Coins yet to collect in those two places, now's the time to get them. We advise you take along the Toy Axe and the Broken Shotgun in your inventory at this point – we'll be using of those right away, so don't worry too much about space. We also recommend you take along a handgun with plenty of ammo too – and don't forget the Red and Blue Keycards if you haven't already put them in the gate.

How to get the Stabiliser to improve Reload Speed

Once you're ready, exit the trailer. Turn right and you should see a very obvious looking gate surrounded by a neon glow. However, before heading to that, make a left and head past the two blue barrels and telephone pole on your right. Pass through a bit of foliage, and you should stumble across another Shadow Puzzle, this time with a number on the wall. Use the Toy Axe on it, and rotate it until it makes the number "7" on the wall. This will pop open the chest next to it, revealing a handy Stabilizer inside that will increase your reload speed permanently, making it well worth the minor detour.

Now return to the gate, and if you haven't already insert the Keycards into their respective slots, and open the door and head on up the stairs. The only thing of interest in this room is a television set, so interact with it and watch the scene unfurl as you're formally introduced to Lucas. After you regain control, head through the corridor that is now open to you, take the herb at the end and go through the door.

As you enter the next room, be very cautious – Lucas has rigged up tripmines all around this area, and they can do heavy damage if you're not careful. Keep an eye out for the tripwires and follow them to the bombs themselves with a red light on them. Maintain a safe distance, and shoot the bombs with your handgun to set them off without injuring yourself. Once you've taken care of the bombs, feel free to scour the room for any consumables such as Ammo that may be dotted around.

There are some more bombs in the next room – one's right by the door as you enter, so make sure you carefully make your way in and turn around to get rid of that one, and the other one is under the desk around the corner. You may now also recognise this room from the Treasure Photo you found in the Master Bedroom - head to the corner with the cages and the dummy head on top and, assuming you examined the photo, you should get a prompt to interact with the dummy head. Do so, and you'll find another Repair Kit that you can now use on the Broken Shotgun to turn it into a functional M21 Shotgun. This one packs a bit more of a punch than the other shotgun, but it also holds two rounds less so it's up to you which you use from here on out.

In the next room, you'll find a crate with some ammo in it, before coming across another breakable box on the stairs – but be careful with this one. It's actually a booby trap set by Lucas, and it will explode in your face if you try and break it with a knife. Instead, get a safe distance and shoot it or ignore it entirely, and be aware that from this point on certain boxes will be booby trapped.

Moving on, head to the bottom of the stairs but don't go in the doorway on your left just yet. Instead, carry on to the end of this passage and then turn around so you're facing the doorway – you should be able to see the next bomb just peeking on the inside of the doorway. Deal with it, then crouch as you move up to the doorway – there's another bomb just up and right as you walk in, so avoid triggering it and if you want to shoot it, get safely to the other end of the room and turn around first before you do.

Getting the Lucas Passcode for the Party Room in Resident Evil 7

In here, you should find a handy item box on your left – so feel free to use it to ditch whichever shotgun you've not decided to use at this point, or of course get any healing items you may need if you've been unlucky with the bombs, and then approach the locked door with the keypad when you're ready. Lucas will taunt you with three possible passcodes. You can actually put in whatever you like here, they're all wrong – just make sure as soon as you've put in your attempt you step back well out of the way of the door as otherwise a set of girders will swing down and kill you.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Testing Area, Barn Battle, Party Room Passcode, and how to beat the Fat Molded (1)

Instead, after the trap activates, look to your right and a secret door will swing open so head on in. The door on your right has some ammo pickups, but watch out as the crate nearest the locker is booby trapped. Come out of this room and round the corner, and you'll find another crate, this one being safe to break open. Start making your way to the end of this corridor, but watch out for the tripmine in the barred window at the end. In fact, as you make your way towards it, a crawling Molded will drop in behind you, so dispatch it carefully, then crouch under the tripwire to the end of the corridor and turn around to dispose of the bomb safely.

The room at the end contains some excellent goodies, but also a whole heap of bombs, so carefully open the door and step backwards and shoot the one up at the base of the door. Next, slowly enter the doorway, and shoot the one in the ceiling. Finally, crouch near the locker and look up to see two more bombs on opposite walls. If you manage to dispose of all the bombs successfully, your rewards are some Steroids for increasing your maximum health in the locker in the corner, and an Antique Coin in the drawer. Don't be fooled by the crate in the locker though – it's another booby trap, and will explode if you destroy it.

With this room fully raided, exit out and head south into the Barn. Three Molded will drop in to attack you here with the first one lurking in the shadows to the right as you walk in. Dispatch them as you see fit – there's a saferoom at the top of the stairs nearby that you could run into if you want to avoid a fight, but we advise taking them out now - the reason will become apparent soon. Once you've done that, explore the downstairs Barn for consumables – we found a Herb in the shadows to the right, Gunpowder on the shelving and some MAG Ammo behind some hay bales around the corner on the left.

If you didn't earlier, head to the safe room up the stairs now – you should find some ammo while you're in there, and feel free to do your usual housekeeping. Once you've done that, head east across the 2F and look to the south. On top of one of the pillars, you should see another Mr Everywhere bobblehead to smash just below. Then explore the dead ends to find more Chem Fluid in crates, and drop down to the east to explore the rest of the 1F of the Barn. You should see a console with a missing battery – this can be found just up the steps. You'll also find plenty of destroyable crates containing ammo; only one of them is booby trapped – the one on the desk upstairs.

Beating the Fat Molded in the Barn Fight

Once you're ready, insert the battery into the console to trigger a fight with a new enemy – the Fat Molded. Obviously from his name he's bigger and slightly tougher to take down than the others, and he also does a vomit attack which can hurt you from a distance. Keep circling around the hay bale in the centre of the arena and duck behind it avoid the bile if you need to – and keep plugging shots at his head, and he'll eventually go down. Be careful not to get close when he does though, as his body explodes as he dies.

Once the fight is over, head into the lift that the Fat Molded came from, and hit the button to ride up. Once at the top, head through the corridor to find a room with a charred corpse sitting at a desk. Head around to the front of the corpse to find the "Memo on Burnt Corpse" file stuck to him, reading it will give you the passcode (Which seems to be randomly generated) to the trapped door from earlier. If you can't remember it don't worry, it'll be noted in the Files section of your inventory. Grab any other consumables from this room, and continue through the door to the north. Grab the Antique Coin from the shelf, and press the button to lower the stairs.

Head down here, and make a right to find yourself back in the room with the Item Box and the code-locked door. Input the password and the door will open, but before you can continue Lucas will order you to empty your inventory into the item box before you'll be permitted through, so do exactly that.

Inventory emptied, head through the door to find yourself in a very familiar room presuming you've played the Happy Birthday tape at this point (hit that link and read through the guide if you haven't and need to find out what you missed). Essentially, you want to do exactly the same steps again, only this time DO NOT remove the Winding Key from the barrel – doing this will stop the oil from pouring out, and prevent you meeting the same fate as poor Clancy. Instead, just activate the oven, use the candle on the hob, use the lit candle on the rope on the door, put in the password (which is still "Loser") in the lock on the door at the end of this corridor and grab the Valve Handle from the wall. Turn off the water back in the cake room, re-light the candle and put it on the cake.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Testing Area, Barn Battle, Party Room Passcode, and how to beat the Fat Molded (2)

Lucas won't be happy that you managed to beat his puzzle without going up in flames, so he'll drop in a time bomb to finish you off. Head to the patched-up hole in the wall in front of you, interact with it to remove the plank covering it, and then put the bomb in the hole and stand well back – you should have more than enough time to do this, but if you do want to save time you can remove the plank at any time before Lucas drops the bomb in the room too.

The bomb will explode, creating a new way out, so head through to find yourself in a control room. Investigate the television screen for a brief cutscene, and then grab the D-Series Head and the Testing Area Map from the wall. Use the Item Box to get your stuff back in your inventory – including the Crank, as you'll need that very shortly – and smash the Mr Everywhere bobblehead hiding just through and above the other side of the doorway outside – before saving your game to finish this section.

Next up is facing off against Mutated Jack - or you can head back to the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough for the rest of our tips and guides.

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