Resident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (2022)

This Resident Evil3 Remake Guide shows where to find all Collectible Locations on PS4, Xbox One, PC (20 Charlie Dolls, 56 Files, 20 Locks / Lockers / Strongboxes / Pickable Locks, 6 Inventory Upgrades, 25 Key Items, 4 collectable Weapons). There are144 Collectibles divided into 7 types and4 Weapons.

Locating all RE3 Remake Collectibles unlocks the following trophies or achievements:

  • Hello, Charlie!Resident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (1)– Destroy a Charlie Doll.
  • Goodbye, Charlie!Resident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (2)– Destroy all Charlie dolls.
  • BookwormResident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (3)– Read all story files.
  • RE: Master of UnlockingResident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (4)– Unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks
  • Kendo’s ArmoryResident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (5)– Collect all weapons in the campaign.
  • GunsmithResident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (6)– Improve a weapon.
  • Get OrganizedResident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (7)– Expand your inventory.

Most Collectibles are missable! Collect them in chronological order as you go through the game. You can get all of them on your first playthrough, nothing requires a 2nd playthrough.
While Key Items are not tied to any trophy or achievement, they are often required to reach a collectible and to advance the story. This Collectible Guide is written in a Walkhrough format with all important Key Items and Puzzle Solutions included. This will help you get through the first playthrough with ease. Below all trophy-relevant collectibles are color-coded. The ones that aren’t directly tied to trophies are in black.

You should collect everything on easy difficulty (Assisted Mode) to make it easier. In this mode you start with an extra rifle and 4 extra inventory slots.

You can keep track of your Collectibles in the Records Menu. Scroll through the Records list to see the stats that they track. “Bookworm” tracks Files, “Goodbye, Charlie!” tracks Charlie Dolls (Bobbleheads), “RE: Master of Unlocking” tracks Safes and Locks. After finding a Collectible it gets saved to your Records instantly and there’s no need to collect them again if you die.

Everything carries over to subsequent playthroughs and you can also jump between manual saves to grab a missing collectible and it will count retroactively (they are all saved on your “profile save” so you don’t lose anything when jumping to an old save).

Collectible Overview:

  • 56 x Files
  • 20xCharlie Dolls (Bobbleheads)
  • 20xLocks (Safes, Lockers, Strongboxes, Padlocks, Pickable Locks)
  • 4 x Collectable Weapons (Note: There are 10 weapons total, the other 6 are automatically placed in your inventory during story and have no locations)
  • 10 x Weapon Upgrade Parts
  • 6xInventory Upgrades (Hip Pouches)
  • 25 x Key Items (needed to advance story and reach certain collectibles)

A guide by SnowNinjaRaccoon (DK) & PowerPyx

Resident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (8)

All Collectible Locations

[File #1] Jill’s Report
Apartment Building: In Jill’s flat on the wall with all the photos, only after using the bathroom and turning on the lights.

[File #2] Investigation Notes
Apartment Building:Same as above.

[File #3] Unsealed Envelope
Apartment Building:Just next to it on a shelf.

[File #4] Message from a Colleague
Apartment Building:Next to pizza in kitchen.

[Charlie Doll #1]
Redstone Street Station: After you drive a car into Nemesis, Carlos will save you and you come to an underground section. When you spawn in the underground, instead of following Carlos turn back, go upstairs and the Charlie Doll between 2 newspaper vending machines on your right.

[File #5] U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide
Redstone Street Station: After metro cutscene on a bench.

[File #6] Tabloid Front Page
Redstone Street Station: In the small shop (kiosk) you come across just upstairs from last collectible.

[File #7] U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual
Redstone Street Station: Item box room on a table (subway exit).

→ Note: there is a locked box in the room before this but you can’t get this or any other lockers/padlock doors until you get the lock picks [Key Item #3]. We must backtrack later to get this.

[Charlie Doll #2]
Downtown – Donut Shop: Inside “Moon’s Donuts” Shop, behind the counter, next to the microwave.

[Lock #1] Safe + [Weapon Upgrade Part #1] Red Dot Sight
Downtown: In the room upstairs when taking the stair to the right of the donut shop (CODE AFTER PATCH 1.03 = 9 LEFT – 3 RIGHT – 7 LEFT / CODE BEFORE PATCH 1.03 = 9 LEFT – 1 RIGHT – 8 LEFT). Use this combo and then confirm with Resident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (9) / Resident Evil 3 Remake All Collectible Locations (Charlie Dolls, Files, Locks) (10) . You can also find this code in the pharmacy on a poster with numbers circled in red.

[File #8] Drugstore Owner Journal
Downtown: Next to the safe.

[Charlie Doll #3]
Downtown: Same room on upper shelf in the middle of the room.

[File #9] Kite Bros. Railway Manual
Subway Office: In first room of Subway Office (before room with Shotgun)..

[Charlie Doll #4]
Subway Office: Same room as above File, under the table.

[Key Item #1] Fire Hose
Subway Office: Found in the corridor of the subway office, before room with Shotgun. You must use it on the fire hydrant near the toy store.

[File #10] Subway Employee’s Memo
Subway Office: In subway maintenance room on a table (room with shotgun).

[Key Item #2] Bolt Cutters
Downtown – Garage: After using the fire hydrant, it’s in the next room straight in front of you. It’s used to cut wires on doors and other objects.

[File #11] Training Log
Downtown – Garage: Next to the guy with a beanie who has been shot by Nikolai.

[File #12] U.B.C.S. Suicide Note
Downtown: After leaving the room with Nicholai cutscene, go to the end of the alleyway on the right. The document is sitting next to a corpse.

[File #13] Electrician’s Note
Downtown: From the last collectible take the path left after exiting the garage and the file collectible is hanging on a wall.

[Inventory Upgrade #1]
Subway Power Station – Control Room: After the first dog encounter you enter a power station building. The file is in the control room upstairs.

[File #14] Fax from Substation Chef
Subway Power Station – Control Room: Same room as above.

[Charlie Doll #5]
Subway Power Station – Control Room: Same room as above. Before leaving the room, turn around and check top of the shelf next to the exit door.

[File #15] Green Herbs: They Work!
Subway Power Station: After leaving the safe room it’s on a bench next to some green herbs

[File #16] Substation Internal Memo
Subway Power Station: Hanging on wall next to a fenced door, close to the last one.

[Key Item #3] Lock Pick
Subway Power Station: Check the corpse holding a box next to the Padlock Door. Examine the box and open it for the Lock Picks.

[Lock #2] Padlock Door
Subway Power Station: Next to the last story file talking about lock pick. Use the lock pick to open the Padlock Door. Do NOT go through the door yet (just open the lock). We must do some backtracking now for locks we couldn’t open previously. If you went through the door you will be infected with a parasite, healing with herbs will get rid of it though and you can still backtrack.

Backtracking to Start of Game

ATTENTION: Now that we have the Lock Pick and Bolt Cutters, we can backtrack to open previously inaccessible locks. Do this before proceeding with the story.

[Lock #3] Locker
Subway Power Substation: Backtrack to the Ground Floor of the Power Substation. Use the Lock Pick key item.

[Lock #4] Locker
Downtown – Garage: Backtrack to the room where you got the Bolt Cutters. Use Lock Pick key item.

[Lock #5] Padlock Door
Downtown: Toy Uncle’s Supershop entrance door. Has Charlie Doll bobblehead and Story File inside.

[Charlie Doll #6]
Downtown: Inside the toy store behind the padlock door described above.

[File #17] Your Charlie Doll
Downtown: Inside the toy store, check the big poster.

[Key Item #4] Fancy Box / Green Jewel
Downtown: Same as above, inside toy store. Add the Fancy Box to your inventory. From inventory examine it and open it to find the Jewel in the box. We must place the 3 Jewels (Green, Blue, Red) on the clock tower monument in the subway station, more on that later atInventory Upgrade#2.

[Key Item #5] Fancy Box / Blue Jewel
Downtown: Across from the toy store, use Bolt Cutters on Supermarket. Inside you find the Fancy Box, again examine it from inventory to get Blue Jewel.

[Lock #6] Locker
Downtown – Donut Shop: Backtrack to the Donut Shop for a locked locker (contains Hand Grenade).

[Key Item #6] Fancy Box / Red Jewel
Downtown – Donut Shop: Enter safe room to right of last locker, pick up the Fancy Box and examine it to get Red Jewel.

[Lock #7] Locked Strongbox
Subway Office: Backtrack to the Subway Office, in the first room there (where 4th Charlie Doll was).

[Weapon] M3 Shotgun
Subway Office: In the 2nd room of the Subway Office, same building as last locked Strongbox..

[Lock #8] Locker
Subway Office: Same as above where the Shotgun is (has First Aid Spray).

[Lock #9] Strongbox
Red Stone Street Station: Go all the way back into the subway, where the 1st item box was. Near the item box is a Strongbox, use lock picks on it (has Shotgun Shells)

[Weapon Upgrade Part #2] Tactical Stock (Shotgun)
Red Stone Street Station: Next to the last Strongbox, in the room with the item box you can find the Clock Tower Monument. Place two of the colored Jewels (Green, Blue, Red) that you got from the Fancy Box key items. This gives the weapon upgrade.

[Inventory Upgrade #2]
Red Stone Street Station: Place all 3 colored jewels in the clock tower monument to get Item Pouch. Unlocks Power Stones trophy / achievement.

Done with Backtracking / Continuing Story

→ Return to where you got the Lock Pick and proceed through the door there

[File #18] Chad’s Notes
Subway Power Station: In the section with all the spiders where you must turn on the 4 circuit breakers to restore power, you can climb up a ladder to a scaffolding where the file will be. If it’s not there, activate the 4 circuit breakers first.

[Weapon Upgrade Part #3] Extended Magazine (Handgun)
Subway Power Station: Dropped by Nemesis during your 1st encounter with him after the spider cave. You must completely down him until he drops you a Supply Crate. Drop up the Crate and open it for the weapon upgrade part.

[Puzzle #1] Subway Route Puzzle
Go back to the Subway Office, enter the following button combo to make the tracks light up green: RE 01 – FA 02 – RA 03 – SA 02 – FO 01.

[Weapon Upgrade Part #4] Moderator (Handgun)
Downtown: On your way back to the subway station Nemesis spawns again. Damage him until he drops another Supply Crate, examine it for the upgrade.


Sewers Map
Sewers: Inside Sewer Safe Room (Manager’s Office)

[File #19] Increased Sewer Security
Sewers: Next to a door you need a power supply for on a wall (before sliding down into the sewer water passage).

[File #20] Research Assistant’s Logs
Sewers, Lower Waterway: On the first way split in the sewers, go left and follow till the end, up a small ladder into a second safe room. In there you can collect this story file and the next two collectibles.

[File #21] Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo
Sewers, Lower Waterway: Same as above.

[Weapon] MGL Grenade Launcher
Sewers, Lower Waterway: Same as above.

[File #22] Sewer Worker’s Notes
Sewers, Lower Waterway: Take the right path in sewers and then head through the ‘waterfall’ to find a file location there.

[Charlie Doll #7]
Sewers, Lower Waterway: In the sewers, after the ‘waterfall’, behind the bars at the next ladder, sits a Charlie Bobblehead (just before Lab).

[Key Item #7] Battery Pack
Sewers, Lower Waterway, Lab: Inside lab, room up the ladder after last collecitble.

[Lock #10] Locker
Sewers, Lower Waterway, Lab: Same room as above.

[File #23] A Love Letter?
Sewers, Lower Waterway, Lab: Same room as above, on table.

[Inventory Upgrade #3]
Sewers, Upper Waterway, Security Room: After using the battery pack on the door on the upper level of the sewers, open the gate to the side of the door, take out the battery, and place it on the door to the security room (Upper Waterway). In the security room is the hip pouch.

[Charlie Doll #8]
Sewers, Lower Waterway: After using the battery pack on the door next to yellow ladder, go upstairs and turn around. The Charlie Doll is located just above the door from where you entered.

Demolition Site

[File #24] Notice of Demolition Delay
Demolition Site, Upper Floors: In the 2nd Safe Room during the Nemesis Flamethrower Chase. Next to the typewriter in the safe room.

After Nemesis Flamethrower Boss

[Weapon Upgrade Part #5] Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun)
Downtown: Inside Kendo’s Gun Shop on a shelf.

[Key Item #8] Kendo’s Gate Key
Downtown: Inside Kendo’s Gun Shop. Used to open the gate outside the Gun Shop.

[Charlie Doll #9]
Downtown: In the building after opening the locked gate next to Kendo’s Gun Shop. The Charlie doll is on the table after entering that building.

[File #25] Raccoon Times Reader’s Column
Downtown: Same building, upper floor on the bed.

[Lock #11] Strongbox
Downtown: Same room as above (contains Explosive Rounds).

Playing as Carlos (Police Station)

[Key Item #9] ID Card
Police Station (Entrance): Defeat Zombie Brad, the first enemy you encounter after you start playing as Carlos. He drops the ID Card. It’s used to open certain electric boxes. NOTE: The ID card boxeswith red display don’t count as collectibles or locks and won’t be listed here (they’re not collectibles, not needed for anything).

[File #26] Email Outbox
Police Station (Entrance): Backtrack to where you started playing as Carlos. Now go down the stairs straight ahead (before taking the path to where you fought Zombie Brad). On the right side is a small room, in it the Story File on a table.

[Charlie Doll #10]
Police Station (Entrance): Exit the last room, go upstairs to the end of the alley. On a small wall on the left you can see this Charlie Doll (still before entering Police Station).

[File #27] ID Card Security Protocols
Police Station 1F (Reception): After entering the police station it’s in the first room on the left. Must talk to the other police guy first so he opens the shutters.

[Weapon Upgrade Part #6] Scope (Assault Rifle)
Police Station 1F (West Office): Open the box with the red glowing ID card slot. Use the ID Card you got from killing Zombie Brad to open box.

[Lock #12] Safe + [Inventory Upgrade #4]
Police Station 1F (West Office): Open the safe in the side room of West Office. CODE = 9 LEFT – 15 RIGHT – 7 LEFT.

[File #28] Sept. 20 Arrest Report
Police Station 1F (West Office): On one of the tables in the middle of the room.

[File #29] Internal Memo
Police Station 1F (Dark-Room): In the safe room at the bottom of the stairs, just after the West Office.

[Key Item #10] Key
Police Station 3F (Third Floor Hallway): From the safe room go all the way up the staircase, the key is on a box on the top floor.

[Lock #13] Locker:
Police Station 3F (Third Floor Hallway): Same hallway where you find the key. Locker Code = DCM (contains Assault Rifle Ammo)

[File #30] Note to a Friend
Police Station 2F (Shower Room): In the shower room, 2nd Floor.

[Lock #14] Locker
Police Station 2F (Shower Room): Same as above. Code to Locker = CAP.

[Key Item #11] Electronic Gadget
Police Station 2F (Shower Room): On the wall of the shower room.

[Key Item#12] Battery / Detonator
Police Station 1F (Safety Deposit Room): Head back downstairs and use the key on the door across from the West Office. Punch the number 104 in the console to open the locker with the battery, then combine it with the Electronic Gadget to make Detonator (to be used on breakable wall in Shower Room upstairs).

[File #31] 3F Locker
Police Station 1F (Safety Deposit Room): Same room as above. Take the photo from the whiteboard, right side after entering room.

[Charlie Doll #11]
Police Station 1F (Safety Deposit Room): Same as above. A Charlie Doll collectible is sitting at the end of the safety deposit room on a shelf.

[File #32] Report on the Mansion Incident
Police Station 2F (S.T.A.R.S. Office): In small side office inside the S.T.A.R.S. office on the table. To get here you must destroy the wall in shower room by combining Battery + Electronic Gadget to get C4 Explosive.

Playing as Jill (2nd time) – Clock Tower Plaza

[File #33] U.B.C.S. New Weaponry Notice
Subway Tunnels (Dilapidated Shelter): First Room after you start playing as Jill again, the file collectible is sitting on a bench.

[Charlie Doll #12]
Subway Tunnels: Right after the previous room you will run through a cell block, the 2nd cell on the right has the Charlie Doll Location.

[Charlie Doll #13]
Clock Tower Plaza: After climbing the ladder from the Subway Tunnels to the outside section, head left and check behind a green van for another Charlie Doll Collectible.

[File #34] Clock Tower Brochure
Clock Tower Plaza: Same area as above on a bench close to the river.

Playing as Carlos (2nd time) – Hospital

[File #35] Spencer Memorial Pamphlet
Hospital 1F (Reception): In the reception room where you encounter the first zombies, interact with the newsstand on the right for a file.

[Charlie Doll #14]
Hospital 1F: After leaving the reception there’s a Charlie Doll at the end of the next hallway.

[Key Item#13] Tape Player
Hospital 1F (Lab Reception): On the table of the lab reception desk. Combine with Audiocassette Tape to open the voice-controlled door in Lab Reception.

[File #36] Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 25
Hospital 1F (Lab Reception): A file sits on desk of lab reception.

[Charlie Doll #15]
Hospital 2F (Roof): As soon as you reach the roof, turn right immediately and look down for a Charlie Doll next to door.

[Weapon Upgrade Part #7] Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle)
Hospital 1F (Courtyard): From the Hospital’s 2nd Floor, jump through the broken window down into the courtyard. Make sure you jump out the 1st possible window (not the 2nd one) to land on the correct side of the Courtyard.

[Key Item #14] Key
Hospital 1F (Courtyard): Same courtyard as above, sitting on the ground.

Hospital Map
Hospital 2F: Backtrack upstairs where you jumped down to the courtyard. The file is in the hallway, hanging on a message board next to Records Room.

[File #37] Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 27
Hospital 2F (Records Room): Inside Records Room on a shelf is one document.

[File #38] Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 29
Hospital 2F (Staff Room): In Staff Room on a desk.

[File #39] Memos from Administration
Hospital 2F (Staff Room): In Staff Room on a wall next to the door.

[Key Item #15] Hospital ID Card
Hospital 2F (Staff Room): Use the Locker Room Key to open the door in the Staff Room. Inside one of the lockers is the key card (to be used on locked hospital doors).

[Lock #15] Safe + [Weapon Upgrade Part #8] Dual Magazine Assault Rifle
Hospital 2F (Nurses’ Station): There’s a safe in the Nurse’s Station. CODE = 9 LEFT – 3 RIGHT.

[File #40] Note about a Tape Recording
Hospital 2F (Nurses’ Station): Nurse’s Station on a table.

[Charlie Doll #16]
Hospital 2F (Sickroom): From where you picked up the last item, enter the room on the left. Behind the door in the paper bin sits this well-hidden Charlie Doll.

[Key Item #16] Audiocassette Tape
Hospital 2F (Treatment Room). In the room where two hunters are in.

[File #41] RE: Lost Items
Hospital 1F (Operating Room): Go back downstairs, use ID Card on door to Operating Room. The file is in there, behind the medical chair.

[File #42] Banquet Invitation
Hospital 1F: Use the Tape Player on the audio-controlled door. In the room behind it you find the corpse of Dr. Bard and next to him is this document.

[File #43] Email from Nathaniel Bard
Hospital 1F: Same room as above, on the computer (unmissable).

[Key Item #17] Vaccine Sample
Hospital 1F: Same room as above, go through next door and it will be in the shelf.

[Key Item #18] Detonator
Hospital 1F (Reception): While defending the hospital it’s in a crate by the windows, can’t miss it.

[Inventory Upgrade #5]
Hospital 1F (Reception): While defending the hospital, wait for a hunter to break through a door. This unlocks a new side room with the hip pouch inside.

Playing As Jill (3rd time) – Hospital

[Weapon] G18 Handgun (Burst Model)
Hospital 1F (Makeshift Sickroom): As soon as you wake up as Jill, on the table next to door.

[Lock #16] Padlock Door
Hospital 1F (Reception): Door on the right side of Reception area.

[Lock #17] Strongbox
Hospital 1F: In the hallway after Reception, take path on the left to find this locked box at the end (contains MAG ammo).

[Lock #18] Locker
Hospital 1F (Emergency Entrance): Where the zombies broke through the glass (contains Explosive Rounds).

[Lock #19] Locker
Hospital 2F (Staff Room): Inside the Staff Room on 2nd floor is a locked locker (contains Shotgun Shells).

[Lock #20] Locker
Hospital 2F (Linen Room): In corner of Linen Room on 2nd Floor (contains MAG Ammo). That’s the last lock in the game. RE: Master of Unlocking Trophy / Achievement Unlocked!

[Weapon] .44 AE Lighting Hawk
Hospital 1F (Courtyard): In the hallway on the 2nd floor Jill can squeeze under some rubble that’s blocking the path. Behind it she can drop down a window to a section of the Courtyard you couldn’t reach as Carlos (only Jill can squeeze under the rubble). There you find a metal box which contains the .44 AE Lightning Hawk Magnum weapon. It’s the last weapon in the game. Kendo’s Armory Trophy / Achievement Unlocked!

[Charlie Doll #17]
Backtrack to the reception and go through the padlock door you lockpicked there earlier. It leads through a dark machine room in the basement and then out to an area with a big elevator. Before the elevator stands a forklift. On the forklift sits the Charlie Doll Collectible. Make sure you get it before using the big elevator.

[File #44] – Elevator Notice
Underground Storage (Office): In the 1st safe room in the Underground Storage area, after using the elevator.

[Inventory Upgrade #6]
Underground Storage (Office): Same as above, next to the file.

[Key Item #19] Fuse 3
Underground Storage: After Nicholai speaks and the lights go out, you must find 3 Fuses to restore power. Use the first lift on the right to see this Fuse in front of you, before climbing down ladder.

[Charlie Doll #18]
Underground Storage: During the fuse hunt, after having to squeeze between shelves, check the shelf to the right of where you squeezed through.

[Weapon Upgrade Part #9] Shell Holder (Shotgun)
Underground Storage: Immediately after the Charlie Doll there’s a panel for a lift you can interact with. This lowers the lift and allows you to cross over to the other side where you find this weapon part in a box.

[File #45] Employee Memo
Underground Storage: Room South of the office, during the fuse hunt (3 zombies here).

[Key Item #20] Fuse 2
Underground Storage: From the same room as the last file you can go through a door on the side to find a ladder leading down. At the end of that path is a fusebox (a Hunter spawns here).

[Key Item #21] Fuse 1
Underground Storage: After going over 2 lifts and down a ladder, it’s where some zombies break through a container door.

[Weapon Upgrade Part #10] Extended Barrel (MAG)
Underground Storage (Surveillance Room): After using the 3 fuses in the fuse box an elevator will take you up to the room where Nicholai was watching you. Check for a box by the window. This is the last Weapon Upgrade Part in Resident Evil 3 Remake, congrats!

[File #46] Unfinished Activity Log
Underground Storage (Surveillance Room): Same room. Check the computer in that room for a file.

[File #47]NEST 2 Employee Regulations
NEST 2 – 1F (Storage): In the Safe Room of NEST 2. Also gives you map of the area.

[File #48] Isaac Graves’ Diary
NEST 2 – 2F: Go upstairs to 2nd floor and to the end of the hallway on the left. A zombie awakes here, behind him on the ground is a file location.

[File #49] Essay on Vaccine Synthesis
NEST 2 – 2F: On a bed in a huge room without a name between Worker’s Break Room and Lab 1 on the map.

[Charlie Doll #19]
NEST 2 – 2F: On the balcony of the same room in the corner.

[Key Item #22] Flash Drive
NEST 2 – 2F: Interact with the green console in the same room as last file. You can use the flash drive to open a locked door on 1st floor.

[File #50] Shipping Notice
NEST 2 – 1F: Go back downstairs and use the flash drive to open the locked door. In the room behind the door you find this document on a tray before the black corpse bags..

[File #51] Weaponry Authorization Request
NEST 2 – 2F (Lab 1): From the last collectible head upstairs into Lab 1. There a file is on the desk.

[Charlie Doll #20]
NEST 2 – 2F (Lab 1): In the small backroom behind Lab 1, the last Charlie Doll sits on the floor. This is the final Charlie Doll Collectible in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Goodbye, Charlie! Trophy / Achievement Unlocked!

[File #52] Scientist’s Dying Message
NEST 2 – 1F: Walk back downstairs and go through the room with the black body bags. Immediately when entering the next room turn right to find this file at a corpse.

[File #53] Expression of Concern
NEST 2 – 2F (Incubation Lab): Incubation Lab on a table.

[Key Item #23] Liquid-filled Test Tube
NEST 2 – 2F (Incubation Lab): In the drawer of Incubation lab. Combine with Culture Sample.

[Key Item #24] Culture Sample
NEST 2 – 2F (Lab 1): Backtrack to Lab 1 and use the green panel there. Combine with Liquid-filled Test Tube to get Vaccine Base.

[Key Item #25] Vaccine Base / Vaccine + Vaccine Riddle / Lab Puzzle
NEST 2 – 2F: Backtrack to where you found Charlie Doll #19. In that room use the synthesizer machine. First you must combine the Liquid-filled Test Tube and the Culture Sample to get the Vaccine Base. Insert it into the machine and enter the combination MID-HIGH-LOW to get the Vaccine.

[File #54] Disposal Center
NEST 2 – 2F (Worker’s Break Room): After grabbing the Vaccine you get attacked and after a cutscene you regain control of Jill in the Worker’s Break Room. Check the note on wall next to door.

[File #55] Weapon Spec Sheet
NEST 2 – B1 (Staff Break Room): In the safe room immediately after fighting Nemesis Stage 2 in the pit.

[File #56] Suspicious Contract Memo
NEST 2 – B1: After defeating Nemesis Stage 3, climb up the yellow ladder behind the boss corpse and immediately look on the floor before going through the next door. There sits the last file collectible in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Bookworm Trophy / Achievement Unlocked!

That’s all of the Collectibles in Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Congratulations on finding all of them!

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