Our Bellroy Review 2022 - Is It Really Worth It? (2022)

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1. Bellroy is our favourite carry goods brand – we are truly amazed by its insane innovations 😍😍😍
2. Crafted from premium materials built to last and designed to age like fine wine 🍷🍷
3. They invented MIRUM, a leather alternative that’s made from natural rubber, soy beans and biomass charcoal, how cool is that?
4. Glowing reviews from 2,760 customers, 4.5 out of 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5. Featured in Business Insider, Condé Nast, Uncrate, and more!

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They say that style is the best way to say something without having to speak. And if you want to travel, work, shop and well, live, in style – no one does it better than Bellroy does. 😎

The Australian brand started around 2010, specializing in creating sleek accessories that perfectly strike the balance between aesthetic design and functionality.

Bellroy also proudly holds itself out as a certified B Corp company, part of a group of certified companies using the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. In their case, Bellroy have proudly stated that they are committed to making products that last, creating a positive impact on the planet. 🌿🌵🌳🌴🌱🍃

Noble aspirations aside, Bellroy has quickly risen to fame with a “must-have” status for millennials and young professionals sporting that stylish-minimalist look. Their wide arsenal of bags, wallets, technological accessories and other products are all designed to elevate their wearers’ overall elegance, and there sure is something for everyone. And with more than 330,000 followers on Instagram, it’s clear that Bellroy’s products have definitely struck a chord with the masses. 🚀🚀🚀

And in our view, the hype is real. Not only do Bellroy’s products look good, they feel insanely good too. Something about their superior construction with A-grade materials just makes you feel that little bit more…luxurious. 💁‍♀️💁💁‍♂️

Today, we explore a sampling of some of Bellroy’s supreme line of products, including some of their latest earth-saving inventions that’ll be sure to amaze.

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Bellroy. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house wellness and self-care expert and product tester herself!

How we tested Bellroy

I’m a sucker for sophisticated-looking accessories, and Bellroy offers all that and more. The first issue I had when it came to testing Bellroy was picking which products I liked the most! 😍😍

After what seemed like forever, I finally decided on a Slim Sleeve wallet, the Apex Backpack, and Tech Kit. I know, I went a little overboard – but how was I supposed to choose from all of the products on offer?

Let’s start with the most popular product from Bellroy – the wallet. I knew that these wallets were supposed to be slim, but wow! 🤩 I’ve never known anything like it.

My wife always teases me on how many cards I keep in my wallet – but you never know when an old membership is going to come in handy! 😎😎

I like to carry around nine cards with me at all times. This makes my old wallet extremely thick and annoying to cram into pockets. That is no more with the Bellroy Slim Sleeve! 😉

I can keep all of my cards in the wallet and still have room for a couple more – and the wallet looks like I have nothing in it at all. Finally, I can leave the house without a massive bulge coming out from my pocket! 😏😏😏

The Apex backpack blew me away too. The design of it is so clever – you get to decide how much room you have in your bag! I was able to fit every single thing I needed without any hassle, and I could even make more space for more if I wanted to.

Same goes for the tech kit. I kept all of my wires and accessories for my tablet and laptop in it. The tech kit kept everything so neat and tidy that I was able to fit it into my backpack for easier portability. 👌👌👌

I tested these products out for the past month, taking them all with me to work every day. The Tech Kit keeps everything organized and the Apex bag allows me to carry everything in one place.

(Video) Bellroy Note Sleeve vs Slim Sleeve Review and Compare [2022]

Nothing has been broken or worn throughout this month, and they feel amazing quality. I have fallen in love with my Bellroy gear, and I’m sure anyone else who tries them will too. 😍

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Bellroy’s wallets

Perhaps one of Bellroy’s most famous lines of products are their wallets. And boy do they make a ton of them: Men’s wallets, women’s wallets, billfolds, card holders, passport holders, you name ‘em. Best of all, a ton of them come with RFID protection if that’s a non-negotiable for you. Just head on over to Bellroy’s easily-to-navigate website which sets out all the product categories you’d love to scroll through, or even better – read on for our recommendations on Bellroy’s top wallet designs. 👀👀👀

Note sleeve

Let’s start things on a high. One of Bellroy’s most iconic designs, the Note Sleeve. The brand describes this wallet as a “traditional design with surprising storage”, which holds cards, bills and coins in a trim, professional billfold.

Design Features

The Note Sleeve holds anywhere between 4 to 11+ cards with RFID protection, and contains 3 “quick access” slots to the cards that you use the most, with a pull tab for lesser used cards.

We also love the fact that the note sleeve stores full-sized flat bills, so say goodbye to rumpled, chunky folded bills stuffed into your wallet. 🥳🥳🥳 Bellroy even went to the trouble to ensure that their dimensions fit extra-large bills like pounds and yen, so the Note Sleeve will easily follow you as you jet set around the world. ✈️

The Note Sleeve also comes with a coin pocket to store loose change, and a flap to ensure that coins don’t inadvertently fall out when you’re on the go.

All in all, Bellroy struck gold by creating a wallet that meets a whole host of needs, even while retaining its extremely compact frame. At just 102mm x 90mm, the Note Sleeve is a dynamite of a wallet. 🔥

Colors and Materials

One thing you’ll come to love about Bellroy is the insane variety they offer in terms of colors and fabrics. That way, if you like the functionality of a particular product, you’ll get to customize its entire look and feel to make the wallet perfect for you. 🥰

In the case of the Note Sleeve, it comes in 2 different materials: Bellroy’s premium, environmentally certified leather, and their woven fabrics (more on that later).

We dare say that Bellroy’s colorful leathers are Bellroy at its finest. They’re premium hides that are tanned under “gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols”, then dyed through so they age gracefully. Durable, lightweight, perfect. #chefskiss 💋

Their color range is also so impressive. Think colors like the classics, such as Black (in both smooth black and pebbled Obsidian), Charcoal, Basalt (a pebbled grey-toned navy), and 3 different shades of brown (Java, Cocoa and Terracotta). If you’re up for something a little out of the ordinary, how about a mutli-toned smooth blue in Ocean, or a uber-stylish Teal? If you’ve never experienced being spoiled for choice, welcome to the pain. 🤣🤣🤣

If leather’s not your thing, don’t skip out on Bellroy’s own woven material, Baida Nylon RFID, which comes in both Charcoal and Lichen (a cool-toned beige). The nylon has a crinkled finish which feels satisfying to carry. This woven fabric is durable, water-resistant, and made from 100% recycled nylon. In fact, the woven materials are made from 100% recycled industrial off-cuts, which saves a ton of waste from a life in the landfill. 👍

All in all, we think the Note Sleeve works best if:

  • You’re looking for the most compact wallet which gives you all the storage you need
  • You want a wallet that fits flatly in the backpocket without adding bulk
  • You love having your pick of colors and materials
  • You want the option of having a coin pouch to store loose change

If for any reason the Note Sleeve isn’t for you, check out some of their other similar designs like the Apex Slim Sleeve, the Hide and Seek Wallet and the Slim Sleeve. 😇

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Travel wallet

On the other hand, if you’re looking to take your minimalistic lifestyle to the skies, we’ve got something for all you jetsetters. The Travel Wallet by Bellroy is designed to neatly store your passport, tickets, credit cards and bills – essentially everything you need when the travel bug hits.

Design Features

The Travel Wallet features RFID Protection, storage for 4 to 10+ cards, and sections for passport and tickets. All essentials as you travel from country to country. The Travel Wallet also allows for the storage of a wide range of bills of different dimensions (except for German and Irish bills). There is also a hidden compartment for spare cash, and 4 quick access card slots.

As a bonus feature, the Travel Wallet also comes with a micro travel pen with refills, which is sure to come in handy as you’re filling in forms and jotting down notes as you’re on the go. They really thought of everything. 🤯🤯🤯

(Video) How I Organise My Tech (only pouch you’ll EVER need?)

Have you ever experienced the fear of losing a SIM card that you’ve removed from your phone, in favor of inserting a local SIM card? 😒😒 Problem solved. Our thoughtful friends at Bellroy have even crafted in 2 slots specifically to store an ejected SIM card and an ejector pin, so you’ll never have to worry about losing these important bits and bobs. ☑️

With everything that the Travel Wallet has to offer, it’s a wonder that it’s housed in a sleek, slim and stylish design with dimensions at just 150mm x 97mm.

Colours and Materials

In Bellroy fashion, they’ve gone over and beyond to offer the Travel Wallet in a tasteful array of 5 stunning colours:

  • Black (with a grey interior)
  • Ocean (with a brown interior)
  • Basalt (with a navy-grey interior)
  • Cocoa (with a dark brown interior)
  • Caramel (with a grey interior)

We especially love the dual-colored design with contrasting tones between the exterior and interior of the wallet. As always, Bellroy’s premium, environmentally-certified leather is displayed in its full glory with the Travel Wallet. Hitting it with that perfect balance between design and practicality, again. 💯

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Apex passport cover

If travel’s a priority and you wanna look a step beyond the Travel Wallet, look no further than the Apex Passport Cover, what Bellroy describes to be the “next generation of travel wallet”. It’s the creme-de-la-creme of travel wallets, crafted from premium, precision-molded leather and assembled with stitches lamination. Looking expensive 101. 🤑

Design Features

The Apex Passport Cover features a storage slot for a standard passport, along with 2 to 4 cards and folded bills. Perfect if you want a simple case to store everything you’ll need on the go, especially if you’re relying more on cashless payment methods and don’t need much space for storing loose change.

Bellroy has also included a micro pen for filling out forms, just like the Travel Wallet, which stores away neatly inside the Passport Cover.

To keep the cover ultra slim, Bellroy uses heat bonding to join the layers of leather without seams or stitches. In addition, security remains a key priority in Bellroy’s design, with an RFID lining to protect all your credit cards, and a magnetic closure to keep everything in place and prevent fallout. ✌️

Colours and Materials

The Apex Passport Cover comes in 2 stylish colours: Raven, an elegant timeless black, and Indigo which sports a surprisingly delightful bright orange interior.

Again, when you’re going Bellroy, you can expect that flawless, premium leather that defines all its top-of-the-line products. With the Apex Passport Cover, the leather is pre-molded and no break-in time is required, so you can look forward to perfect, baby-butt soft leather from day 1.

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Bellroy’s bags

Now if you’re looking for something a little bigger (and with Bellroy, trust us – bigger is better), we’re overjoyed to share that Bellroy’s got a stellar line of bags that are sure to impress.

Classic backpack

If you’re ready to fall in love with Bellroy’s most beloved backpack design, the Classic Backpack is your best bet. It comes in a streamlined, futuristic shape, with a sleek monochrome palette. Bellroy describes this as being perfect for “urban adventurers who want a dependable everyday companion”. Aaaaah *chef’s kiss x 2* 😻😻😻

The Classic Backpack has a storage capacity of 20L, holding laptops up to 16” in diameter. The bag also features a padded pocket to store an iPad or an A5 document, along with a pen slip. There’s also a front pocket and internal mesh zip pocket to store valuables or other items which you’ll need stored safely.

At the front of the backpack, you’ll find a water-resistant top pocket for a small phone, keys, or any other small items that you’ll be reaching for on the daily.

Another thoughtful element is the comfortable shoulder straps sewn into the backpack, featuring an improved back padding system and a quick grab handle for maximum comfort and convenience. 😇

In terms of materials, Bellroy has given us 2 stellar options: Firstly, the Classic Backpack comes in a water-resistant woven fabric made from recycled nylon. The nylon backpack comes in 5 colorways, Black, Bronze, Charcoal, Limestone and Ranger Green, all of which are perfectly neutral for everyday use.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the Classic Backpack Premium Edition, features an upgrade to Bellroy’s superior, durable and lightweight leather. It comes in 3 timelines shades: Black Sand, Storm Grey and Lichen.

We are falling in love with the Premium Edition in particular for its extremely sleek leather exterior. There’s just something about it that looks both elegant yet futuristic, and is sure to pair perfectly with both casual and business wear. 😎🥸

(Video) Bellroy Tech Kit | UNBOXING & REVIEW | It's worth 59$?

Note: If for any reason you’re looking for a slightly smaller version of the Classic Backpack, you’d be happy to note that Bellroy has created a Compact version of the Classic Backpack, featuring a slightly smaller capacity of 16L, fitting a 13” laptop.

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Oslo backpack

If what you’re after is something a little on the lighter side, then the Oslo Backpack will be spot on for you. It’s touted as a “slim casual backpack for work or weekends”, with enough storage space for a laptop and everyday essentials.

The Oslo Backpack also packs a punch, offering highly functional storage capabilities notwithstanding its rather deceptively slim frame. It houses a padded internal sleeve which fits laptops up to 13” in diameter, has a document slip pocket which fits an A5 notebook, and even has a designated pocket for a laptop charger, cables and other tech accessories. The side of the bag also sports an external quick-access zip pocket with a key clip, for the little things you reach for regularly.

The entire bag is topped off with a water-resistant foldover with a magnetic Fidlock closure, ensuring that the precious contents of your backpack stay safe and dry.

The backpack also comes with flexible angle shoulder straps for maximum comfort and a fit tailored to you, along with a mesh back panel for breathability. If you’re living in a hot, humid country like I am, you’ll know just how much of a lifesaver it is not to turn up to work looking soaked from the back! 😅😅😅

In terms of materials, the entire backpack is made with a durable, water-resistant recycled fabric, and premium eco-tanned leather. It comes in 3 timeless colours: Melbourne Black (an entirely monochromatic blackpack, if you will), Charcoal (a near-black dark grey base with cream highlights) and Bronze (a warm terracotta brown with dark brown embellishments). You couldn’t possibly go wrong with any color from this selection!

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Tokyo tote

There is literally nothing cooler than sporting a perfectly constructed, minimalistic tote bag – it’s almost a symbol of being totally in control (although we know that’s almost never realistically the case). But Bellroy’s helping us take a step in the right direction with the creation of the Tokyo Tote, a “clever kind of carry-all”.

It’s cut with a horizontal shape, featuring an internal padded laptop sleeve to store devices up to 13”. It also features pop pockets to hold bottles, shoes, umbrellas or more, which disappear seamlessly when not in use. With its wide opening, we love that you’ll have no fuss at all looking for and accessing the contents of your bag. (Yup, no more digging through what always feels like an endless pit).

As an added safety feature, the bag has a full-width zip closure to keep your contents secure, as well as a front zip pocket to stow valuables within easy reach.

The bag also features soft padded webbing straps with non-slip backing, ensuring that the bag is comfortable for carrying all through the day. 🏃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

This classic yet ingenious design is made with durable, water-resistant recycled fabric, and Bellroy’s environmentally certified premium leather. It also comes in 4 great shades: Bronze, Limestone, Melbourne Black and Ranger Green.

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Tokyo totepack

Finally, we now turn the spotlight to one of our personal favorite designs from Bellroy: the Tokyo Totepack. And it’s designed exactly as its name suggests: A casual yet professional, versatile yet simple bag, that can be worn as either a backpack or a tote bag depending on the occasion. Bellroy has cleverly named it a “subtle chameleon”, and it’s not hard to see why.

And if you’re worried that you’d be sacrificing functionality for style, let us set your minds at ease: The totepack features a padded laptop sleeve for devices up to 15” in diameter and multiple internal pockets for organization. On its exterior, it sports vertical front pockets for ease of access on the go, as well as 2 pop sockets for water bottles, umbrellas, spare shoes, or anything you’d rather have outside the backpack.

The backpack also comes with padded backpack shoulder straps for comfort, which conveniently tuck away flat if you’re hoping to carry it as a tote bag instead. When carrying it as a tote, you get to enjoy 2 plush and soft nylon webbing grab handles, which makes the tote just a pleasure to carry on the go.

The entire bag is made from water-resistant woven fabric, which also comes in some of Bellroy’s most classic colors: Midnight, Bronze, Limestone, Basalt and Ranger Green. Do note that if for any reason you’d prefer a bag free of leather, then Limestone would be the best option for you.

Given the wild popularity of this totepack, Bellroy has also devised a few variations: Check out the Premium Edition Tokyo Totepack which features smooth leather panels and contrast webbing and lining, for that elevated, sophisticated look. The Premium Edition comes in Storm Grey and Black Sand.

For sheer security and safety whilst traveling, you will want to invest in the Global City set.

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(Video) BellRoy Transit 20L workpack in-depth review. How much can I carry in my EDC (what's in my bag)

Bellroy’s insane inventions

One of the things we appreciate the most about Bellroy are its unwavering commitment to being a contributor to environmental protection, all whilst demonstrating unparalleled creativity in doing so. This is best exemplified in one of its recent inventions, MIRUM, which is an innovative leather alternative that’s made from natural rubber, soy beans and biomass charcoal. It’s formulated to do all the things you love with good leather: Bend and flex seamlessly, all while feeling good in the hand.

How’d they even come up with that?! 😱😱😱 Pretty insane, we know. Bellroy now offers a range of its products in this ingenious MIRUM leather material, including the Slim Sleeve.

Furthermore, Bellroy has also actively produced a range of its classic design in a fabric that has been recycled from plastic bottles. In their words, “bottles are better in bag form”. In their production process, bottles are collected and ground into chips, melted and spun into strong polyester fiber, then woven into durable fabrics. So far, the company’s already saved 7,200,000 (and counting) plastic bottles from the landfill, which is just…insane. You’ll find a whole range of their designs available in these recycled fabrics, including fan favorites like the Classic Backpack, Lite Tote, Tokyo Tote and Tokyo Totepack. 👌👌👌

Shipping & warranty

In our view, Bellroy’s stellar range of products certainly speak for themselves, but Bellroy has gone a step further to totally sweeten the deal in every purchase. Most of their bags and wallets are backed by a 3 year warranty, which covers any defects in materials and workmanship. It’s clear that Bellroy is totally confident in the quality of their products, and are prepared to put their money where their mouth is. 👏

If you’re as keen to get your hands on Bellroy’s products as we are, you’ll be relieved to know that Bellroy offers Worldwide Shipping, with orders being dispatched within just 2 business days. Delivery times however vary, depending on where you’re located and the selected shipping service. Shipping and delivery times are calculated at checkout.

Bellroy vs. Nomad – what sets Bellroy apart from Nomad

Nomad is another popular brand that sells high quality lifestyle gear. They seem to be more geared towards phone accessories than Bellroy, who are focused on wallets, bags, and other accessories with some phone accessories thrown in. 🤩

One of the main differences between these two brands is how much more expensive Nomad is. Take the bestselling Hide and Seek wallet from Bellroy at $75. Nomad’s alternative to this is $120.😲😲😲

Okay, the Nomad wallet holds three more cards than the Bellroy one does, but is that enough to explain the jump in price? I’m not sure. 🤨

Nomad offers laptop sleeves, but no backpacks or tech organizers. These laptop sleeves are also tailored for only MacBooks, so you won’t find anything of use if you’re using a different laptop. 🤦‍♂️

Similarly, Nomad only offers phone cases for iPhones, while Bellroy caters to Samsung users as well. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Overall, Bellroy is better value for money, offers a better range of products, and is more inclusive of all types of technology. 👌👌👌

What other customers are saying

At this point, it’s no exaggeration to say that Bellroy is a household name. We’ve heard all but rave reviews of Bellroy’s range of products, and we couldn’t resonate more with the hype. 🤜🤛

One reddit user remarked on Bellroy’s wallets: “’I’ve had the Slim Sleeve for the last 5 years. I’ve over stuffed it at times and forcing it closed. Normally I have 12 cards in it and some cash. It’s still very slim and does not get bothersome in my back pocket. I hardly ever notice it when I sit. It’s held up very well. No stitchings have come apart. No tears. The color has not faded. I highly recommend Bellroy. I’ve never been happier with a wallet and I went through many wallets because I’m very picky about them. I also really like the color selection.

Another reddit user commented on Bellroy’s backpacks: “I really enjoy the aesthetic and functionality. It feels great to the touch, is well built and does indeed have some great design features.

We especially love the fact that given Bellroy’s growing presence in the industry over the last decade or so, many long-time fans of the brand have been able to come forward to attest to just how long Bellroy’s products last, reigniting a renewed passion for the brand with an unrelenting following.

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Are Bellroy’s products worth it?

Absolutely. We’d be fully confident to place an order for any of them in a heartbeat.

The brand has set an incredibly high bar for themselves, both aspirationally and functionally. They’ve somehow found a way to work out their mission of being a friend of the Earth, all while never compromising on that stylish, functional design element they bring to loyal customers.

If you’re looking for a company you know you can trust, and one that’ll give you reason to come back time after time, we couldn’t recommend Bellroy more highly.

Bellroy discounts

There are currently no discounts available. However, on Black Friday and during other promotions, we have noticed Bellroy have discounts for its most loyal community. So keep an eye out for them!

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Are Bellroy products worth it? ›

In a word, yes. We're still tremendously impressed by Bellroy's designs, attention to detail, choice of material, and manufacturing quality. We took a look at a few of the brand's products; keep reading to see exactly what we thought about each of them.

Is Bellroy a luxury? ›

Bellroy. Aussie brand Bellroy might not be synonymous with the typical ideals of high-fashion luxury or 'designer wallets', but they do stand for functionality, sustainability and build quality above all else.

Does Bellroy use genuine leather? ›

We use a lot of full-grain leather, but where it suits the product better (for characteristics such as weight, handfeel and flexibility), we choose top grain. We prioritize the leather most suited to the product we're making.

Is Bellroy a real company? ›

Bellroy is an Australian accessories brand making carry goods, including bags, folios, wallets, pouches, mobile phone cases, and key covers. It is a certified B Corporation.

Is Bellroy made in China? ›

Currently, makers in China, India and The Philippines offer the best balance of quality workmanship and value we've been able to source, so this is where all of our products come to life.

How ethical is Bellroy? ›

Bellroy is a certified B Corporation, one of the few in Australia. This means the company has met a range of stringent social sustainability and environmental performance standards, such as ethical supply chains, sustainable business practices and diversity and inclusion commitments.

Are MontBlanc wallets worth it? ›

High-Quality Luxury Wallets at a Fair Price

A MontBlanc wallet is definitely a must-have. The brand has always been consistent with the impressive quality of its products and their wallets are no exception. A typical MontBlanc wallet is made with luxury genuine leather.

What zippers does Bellroy use? ›

They use a YKK zipper which is very smart. It runs a little rough, but that's okay. It is made from environmentally certified top grain veg tanned leather which smells great. It has a polyester lining which will last quite a while.

Do Bellroy wallets patina? ›

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet doesn't feel as minimalist as the Slim Sleeve but you'll still notice its remarkably slender profile. Equally impressive is the quality of the leather which feels smooth and supple to touch—sure to age nicely over time and develop a covetable patina.

Is Bellroy waterproof? ›

The bag's main exterior is made of Bellroy's Venture Weave fabric, which is tightly woven polyester that the brand says is water-resistant and easy to clean. To make sure your stuff stays dry, the zip pockets on each side are also water-resistant along with the leather accents on the outside of the bag.

Where is Bellroy company located? ›

Overview Suggest Edit
HQCanterbury, AU
Employee Ratings4.8

Who founded Bellroy? ›


When was Bellroy founded? ›

How much is Bellroy worth? ›

Bellroy valued at $83m in global push.

Is Bellroy a sustainable brand? ›

We are also committed to making them as environmentally sustainable as possible. All of our leathers come from gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries, which are environmentally certified.

What is Looma weave? ›

Looma Weave

This strong weave is both textural and warm – reminiscent of comfortable home furnishings, yet imbued with innovation and technical performance.

Is Bellroy B Corp? ›

We would love the world to be a better place because of Bellroy, and we know that responsible business can help us get there. We're proud to be part of the B Corp movement – a group of certified companies using the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems.

Are luxury wallets worth it? ›

Is a designer wallet worth it? Much like buying a designer bag, this is of course a personal choice. However, a good designer wallet will last you for years and years, and it's an item that you will get a lot of use out of. Luxury wallets usually only go up in price too, so they can be great designer investment pieces.

Which Colour wallet is lucky for man? ›

Black is a very popular color for wallets and luckily, this symbolizes prosperity and wealth. If you are looking to advance your career or increase your fortune connected with the business, this is the ideal color for you.

Is Montblanc good quality? ›

Highly regarded within the penmanship community Montblanc pens are high-quality instruments, with longevity, and a reputation of extravagance. Montblanc pens make a statement with their bold design and beauty and have been used by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Barack Obama.

Do Montblanc pens go up in value? ›

Whether you are a fountain pen collector or a writer who enjoys using the best pens, Montblanc is known for its quality, globally. However, with quality comes a price, and generally Montblanc pens have a much higher price compared to other fountain pens.

Is Montblanc luxury? ›

Montblanc is a complicated company producing luxury goods as part of complex luxury group (Richemont). They are among a select group of brands that produce high-end products meant to appeal to a wide segment of the luxury market.

Is Bellroy leather vegan? ›

We swapped out the leather in this growing collection for durable recycled and plant-based materials. For those who like it leather-free.

What are card pockets? ›

Category Description: Pocket Cards

A clean and compact pocket invitation style, a pocket card is a single flat card with a pocket on one side. Most often you would insert your invitation card and other invitation ensemble pieces directly into the pocket.

Do mens wallets have zips? ›

The Best Zip Around Wallets for Men. Zip Wallets are a fantastic choice for your next wallet as they add something extra that most men's wallets don't offer. A zip or zipper. If you take a look at the equivalent of a wallet for women – the humble purse – you'd be hard to find one that doesn't have a zip.

Is Bellroy classic backpack water-resistant? ›

This bag features durable, water-resistant woven fabric, made from recycled materials.

Are away backpacks waterproof? ›

Looks-aside, the materials Away opted for feel nice and durable. As we already mentioned, the nylon exterior is water-resistant. That water-resistance is great for drizzly days or if you accidentally set the backpack down on a wet surface.

Is Bellroy environmentally friendly? ›

We are also committed to making them as environmentally sustainable as possible. All of our leathers come from gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries, which are environmentally certified.

What is environmentally certified leather? ›

Eco leather, also called eco-friendly leather, is leather produced using processes and chemicals that are safer for the environment. These processes also result in a leather that is safer for the user/wearer over time. Some eco leather production standards limit chemical use.

What is premium eco tanned leather? ›

Simply put, eco-leather is any leather alternative that does not come from an animal. Most eco-leather is made from plant-based material or vinyl.

How do you darken Bellroy leather? ›

How to patina your phone case - YouTube


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