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This section focuses on how to get through the Old House Map in Resident Evil 7. It includes details such as: item locations, key item locations, possible enemies, possible collectible item locations, and boss strategy.


After obtaining the lastDog’s Head Emblem, you can now unlock the door leading to the yard.

Head to the steps and examine the plant pot to find the Lockpick then check the other side for another pot to obtain an Herb. Go to the front porch and check the end to pick up the Herb and Gunpowder. Head back to the steps and obtain an Antique Coin from the plant pot.

Walk down the steps again and follow the railings, remove the metal below the front porch to uncover a hidden passage. Squeeze through the opening below and break the box to obtain a Repair Kit.

Enter Zoe’s trailer and obtain a Chem Fluid by the right side. There is another Mr. Everywhere doll tucked in the steps. Head to the Safe Room and examine the VHS Player and some bird cages, the latter will give special items in exchange for Antique Coins at certain increments. Obtain the Broken Handgun from the bed, and retrievethe File on the board. As you exit the trailer, the phone will ring.

Head outside again and grab the Supplements beside the locked door on the right side.Take note of the locked doorfor now and examine the bottom of the trailer to obtain a stash of Shotgun Shells. Check the map and proceed to the direction of the Old House. Check the left side for some Gunpowder as you go.

Old House 1

Follow the same trail that Mia went through during the VHS segment. Enter the gate passing the dolls and through the main door. Break the boxes to obtain some Shotgun Shells. Avoid the bugs whenever you can but if they pester you, slash them with the knife. Ignore the right side, and head left. Examine the side of the door leading to the Guest Room and retrieve some 44 Mag Ammo on the flooring.

Retrace the steps covered by Mia and enter the Guest Room. Get past the insect nest to reach the door at the end, and slice any threatening bugs with the knife. Enter the hall and head left to obtain Old House Map, check under the table to obtainBurner Fuel. Proceed to the Gallery which Mia solved with the Shadow Puzzle. Exit through the balcony and check the garbage can for a Burner Grip,there’s also a Chem Fluid and Shotgun Shells.

Continue through the left path across the plank bridge and enter theSave Room. Grab the Backpack to increase your inventory slots, then obtain the Tape Recorder. Examine the side for another Mr. Everywhere doll.

Exit the room and return to the Gallery. Arm your knife and slash the insects that burst from the windowas you head to the Dining Room. Check the cabinet to obtain some Solid Fuel, then examine the table on the right and astash of Shotgun Shells from the crate. Kill the spiders that cover the locker at a distance, then open it to obtain a pack of Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid. If you have a Lockpick you can open the sink drawer for a recovery item.

Ignore the Living Room and exit to the Water Pump Station. Go left and check by the window for some Gunpowder. Head to the right edge of the balcony and take the Psychostimulants, examine the orange case for a Lockpick. Go across the wooden path and hug the right wall as you fend off any insects that follow you with the knife. Enter the station and obtain the Burner Nozzle, combine it with the Grip to craft the Burner. If you opt to use it, go back to the Guest Room and destroy the swarm’s nest to obtain some Burner ammo from the locker, check near the orange box for an herb.

Go back to the Living Room and take out the nests, use the Burner to light it up and keep distance. Rinse and Repeat until the nest weakens enough for a shotgun blast to scrape it clean. Head to the left portion of the room and examine the drawer for Solid Fuel, check the cabinets for a pack of Chem Fluid. Examine the opposite end of the room for some Burner Fuel. Enter the exposed fireplace opening and go to the far area, check the left side for Antique Coin, turn around to find a Mr. Everywhere doll. Enter the Cellar to find Mia’s Stone Statuette, you will eventually come across Mia too. A cutscene will ensue. Similar to the VHS segment “Mia,” return to the Gallery and reuse the Stone Statuette to uncover a hidden passage.

Altar Path

As you go through, a cutscene will appear. Avoid confronting Marguerite up front as she will pester you with a swarm of insects. If in case she does, just dodge as much of it as you can and use the Burner to repel them. Head to the Safe Room and wait for her to leave the Gallery so that you can get to work on the shadow puzzle unharmed.


Crawl through the opening and follow Mia’s footsteps, to get to the other side of theMain Room. Examine the right trash bin for an herb and the worn-out tire for Solid Fuel. Take note of the Crow Door for now, examine the right drawer for a pack of Chem Fluid and a File. Crawl to the opening where Mia was abducted, then obtain the Psychostimulants from the right crate, attack the Mr. Everywhere doll on the left shelf, then go back to the right side and obtain the Chem Fluid pack.

Ethan can access portions that Mia left off on the Tape, go deeper in the space and obtain the Crank at the far end. Go back out, and be careful when going through the Dining Room. Use the Burner to exterminate any bugs that might pursue you then head to the pulley’s side and attach the Crank to raise the bridge connecting to the Outhouse. Walk across the bridgethenenter the Outhouse, obtain the Crow Key from the chest, then take the Burner Fuel from the toilet, and grab the Antique Coin placed on top of the toilet tank cover.

Optional: Main House (Revisited)

Exit the Old House through the entrance, thengo back to the Main House. Locate the Drawing Room and use the Crow Key. Enter the Storage Room and obtain the Grenade Launcher. Check the shelf to obtain some Flame Rounds, and a stash of Shotgun Shells. Examine the shelves near the door to obtain Solid Fuel and Gunpowder. Check the corner for aStrong Chem Fluid pack.

Old House 2

Return to the Old House thencheck the door, a cutscene will appear. Immediately equip the Burner and fire at the swarm of insects. When the swarm has gone down, switch to the Handgun or Shotgun and firesome clean shots to Marguerite’s head until she falls to the pit. Climb the ladder quickly then dash to the door again to unlock it with the Crow Key. Enter the Altar Room then open the huge chest. Examine the top of the chest, thengrab the File.

The Serum

As you arrive, the phone will ring. Leave the altar thengo through the hallway and enter the room on the side to obtain a File. Check the drawer to find some handgun ammo below the voodoo doll.

There will be an illuminating light from the hall, approach it to find a mechanism. Examine the Mr. Everywherefigurine placed on the small table, then find an Antique Coin on the drawer at the end.

Missing Lantern

Backtrack to the pit where Marguerite fell, climb down the ladder thenhead to the path leading to the Greenhouse. Turn around and unlock the gate to reveal a path that you can follow to return to the Trailer and Main House for later. Obtain the Strong Chem Fluid pack at the right.

Ignore the 1F entrance and ascend the stairs to get to Greenhouse 2F. At the stairs’ footing, grab the Treasure Photo to discover a location. Turn around thenenter, examine the insides of the trailer to obtain a stash of 44 MAG rounds.

Enter the Greenhouse to find 2 herbs, Separating Agent and some Solid Fuel. If you have the Lockpick, examine the white drawer to obtain Flame Rounds. Keep your guns loaded then go through the crack on the left to descend. Ignore the front entrance, and enter the hallway. Exterminate the spider infested door to access it, then do the same for the locker to reveal some Strong Chem Fluid and a stash of Shotgun Shells. Check the couch to obtain Psychostimulants. Exit out and ascend the stairs.Head to the final landing and take the herb and Solid Fuel from the locker.

Boss: Marguerite Baker (Mutated)

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Ready your gun and shoot Marguerite if she catches you through the cracks of the dilapidated house. By the time she drops near, fire a shot from the Grenade Launcher then quickly switch to unload some Shotgun blasts. Keep unloading until she finally retreats.

Be wary of her presence since she will keep a close surveillance of your whereabouts. Keep moving to distract her even if you don’t see her, fire a Grenade round when she rears her ugly head. If you catch her active nest, destroy it with the Burner. Reload your weapons whenever she escapes, while scouting. It’s best to have the packs of Chem Fluids and Fuels handy at this point to craft more ammunition.

In addition, you may also opt to use the Psychostimulants as there are several items scattered in this area. Check the green table on 1F for some Burner Fuel, then proceed to middle portion of the greenhouse for a pack of Chem Fluid. Search the locker for a Chem Fluid and Solid Fuel. There are many items near the ladder, examine the crate beside itfor Burner Fuel, then search around for an herb, and First Aid Med, check the tractor for a Chem Fluid, then locate a hidden Burner Fuel on the wall. There is a narrow path which contains additional Burner Fuel, and a stash of Handgun Ammo. Ascend the damaged top floor to obtain some Handgun Ammo from the crate, then examine the drawer for Burner Fuel.

Unload your shots to stun Marguerite and her arms will eventually tighten and she will collapse. When she has finally perished, take her Lantern then head through the crumbled gate. Take the Burner Ammo from the drawer as you go, this concludes coverage on the Greenhouse.

Old House 3

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Deposit extra items at the Trailer then go back to the Old House. Take the stairs to get to the 2F then set the Lantern in place on the mechanism to solve it. Enter the door to the Kid’s Room. Examine the creepy drawings to find clues.

Not much to explore around here apart from a note that can be found inside the Contaminated Room at the end of the hall. Go deeper to the hall to find the Detention Room, then check the bed to examine a drawing. Observe the marking on the wall at the back of the bed, crouch thensqueeze through to find the D-Series Arm.

Collect the arm then make aquick turn. Crouch and exit back then open the door. Defeat the Molded, then follow the hall down to reach the Contaminated Room, another one will spawn. Move back to give some room for maneuver, take it out then return to the Kid’s Room. Be wary of the Molded hiding at the back of the furniture as you go.

When you get back to the Altar, the phone will ring again. Answer it, then leave the Old House for the nth time and then go back to the Yard. Enter the Trailer and the phone will ring again, answer it thenEthan will notice something is wrong. It’s time to return to the Dissection Room to tie some loose ends…

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