KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (2023)


is a plan to fill the world with KUROMI and KUROMIES.

By spreading Kuromi’s message,
and connecting with Kuromi, we’re sure to increase the number of KUROMIES, all with the same goal of becoming the best version of themselves.

A message from KUROMI

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (5)


I am amazing just the way I am,
But I am not going to stop there!

Today is awesome, and I’m sure tomorrow will be better!
Life is a joyride if you can believe so!

Anyone can chase their ideal self
No matter who or how old you are.
I want a world where everyone can be their best.

Come on,
don’t you want to be your best self too?




The inaugural 2022 event will be held between October 20th and October 31st, 2022.
We’ve got a number of different projects in the works, so be sure to join us!


KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (6) #KUROMIFYTHE
ended, this year.
See you next year!

What color is your mood?
KUROMI's colorful drink stand💜

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (7)

Customize your drink and decorative items to match your mood!
In Shinjuku from October 20th for 5 days
In Shinsaibashi from October 29 for 3 days only!

A GIANT KUROMI will be on the streets! Ad trucks💜

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (8)

You'll spot ad trucks with a giant version of me, KUROMI, all over the country! If you find a truck with KUROMI on it, be sure to post it on SNS!

Share your mood with KUROMI!
TikTok Effects 💜

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (9)

Spin the roulette and I'll suggest a mood!
Imitate my facial expressions and let's try out some moods together!
Post it on TikTok and add #KUROMIFYTHEWORLDWEEK !

#KUROMIFYTHEWORLD Project 1st Anniversary Video Release

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (10)

Kuromi & Kuromies have been steadily transforming the world over the past year.
The commemorative video summarizing the path of Kuromi & KUROMIES is now available to view!

Twitter Present Campaign is underway!

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (11)

A special Twitter campaign will be held.
Join the campaign and get cute limited-edition Kuromi goods💜

During #KUROMIFYTHEWORLD WEEK, global KUROMIfication is underway!

KUROMIfy the World Project / Sanrio (12)

Ad trucks will run in China and sanrio lovers club in Korea will be decorated for #KUROMIFYTHEWORLDWEEK! Check out the global progress of the globalization on SNS and other social networking sites!

#KUROMIFYTHEWORLD Project is underway!

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North and South America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Australia

Click on the icon that catches your attention and check out the details!

Check out KUROMI’s appeal!





Immerse yourself
in KUROMI’s world

Check out KUROMI’s daily updates and musings!


How close are you to KUROMI?

Check out KUROMI’s cool dance and her unexpected side!

Enjoy KUROMI’s activities

Check out a bunch of KUROMI’s interesting content



KUROMI「Greedy Greedy English ver. feat.KUROMIES」 MV

Get to know KUROMI

Check out the latest information on KUROMI


Icons for all KUROMIES!
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