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I have played Resident Evil: Village about 7 or 8 times at this point with a variety of the challenges in the game. From Speedrun, to Knife Only, to Village of Shadows. And Throughout the game, both playing it myself and watching other people play the game, more and more issues have arisen for me in the game, to the point I can no longer ignore them. This is what I personally think is wrong with Resident Evil 8. This is in no particular order.

Spoilers Ahead, Continue at Your Own Risk.

1. Shop Mechanic

Felt really pointless to me compared to 7, took away the reward of finding items in the game such as weapons or ammo or medkits. Village is a much bigger map and has a lot more places and locations to hide weapons and guns, but instead use those spaces to hide treasure like gemstones and statues. And yes, I guess you could argue that RE7 that there was a ‘Shop’ mechanic with the antique coins but they were a finite amount that you had to find and were rather difficult to find and didn’t actually help you as much as 8’s, only giving you access to Steroids (Increase Health), Stabiliser (Increase Reload Speed) and a Magnum, which had a very finite amount of bullets in the game’s entirety.

2. Item Management

Too generous. I never once had to worry about inventory space on my first playthrough because Key Items, Treasures, Crafting Items and usable items were held in separate places. Yes I upgraded my storage to hold more items but that was only to hold the F2 Rifle, after that I wasn’t really in need of more space. RE7, everything was in 1 inventory and you actually had to worry and rearrange what you were taking into each location.

3. Enemies

Someone mentioned in a tweet the enemies are bullet sponges, true. The other issue is how often the game will throw large hordes of enemies at you to pad the runtime of the game. There is a segment of the level where you enter the Lycans’ den and it just constantly throws enemies at you to slow you down. This Lycans den area is also a really easy area to farm for Lei as they constantly drop it or Crystal Skulls. Easily exploitable to max upgrades. The enemies were also so insignificant and inconsequential that on my Speedrun challenge playthrough, I ran right by every single enemy and only killed an enemy if they were literally blocking a narrow path.

4. Headshots

They do not do any extra damage to enemies, as much as you might think they do, instead what they do is increase the chances of the enemy's head exploding which is rarely if ever guaranteed to happen. There is no incentive to aim for the head, it will take the same amount of body shots to kill an enemy as it would with headshots.

5. Advertising

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Advertising for this game heavily used Lady Dimitrescu as their main selling point. Despite the fact that she’s in the game for maybe… half an hour. I beat her boss battle within the first hour of my speedrun, and there is of course the fact I have to kill her daughters which can take time, but the fact you can be out of the castle within the first hour of playing isn’t great. The advertising has you believe that when playing RE8 she’s to be your equivalent of Jack Baker from RE7, stalking you throughout the game, and while that is true, she’s very easy to avoid and pass by with little risk, she takes so long to attack by the time she has you can be well out of the way. I was hoping that Alcina would have been more prominent in the game like Jack, with Donna, Moreau and Heisenberg being like Lucas, Marguerite and Eveline.

6. How Big is the Castle?

Tiny. It looks huge, there are a lot more floors than the game lets on. But how much of the castle do you get to explore? Maybe like 1/16th of it? There is so much missed opportunity in the game.

7. Lack of a Stalker

Once you’ve defeated Alcina, there’s no ‘stalker’ for the rest of the game. No one is wandering the grounds of the village, Heisenberg’s factory, anywhere. There’s a large Lycan you can kill relatively easily after defeating Donna. I don’t really consider the baby in Donna’s segment a ‘stalker’ since it is scripted events. They will always appear in certain areas, etc. Alcina wasn’t scripted, you could be anywhere in the castle and she could be elsewhere.

8. Heisenberg’s Boss Battle

What the fuck. Do I need to say anything else? I get that RE you need to be able to put aside your beliefs for the Zombies/Molded/Lycans/Vampires, etc. But… This Mutant Magneto Flesh Mech I have to fight on a truck with a chainsaw arm and a rocket launcher and machine gun? Uhhh… Excuse me? As I said before, I’ve only played RE7 but is this normally how much I have to suspend my belief?

9. Lack of Human Bosses

I could count the Dimitrescu daughters as exceptions but they're more like minibosses, so I am not going to count them. In terms of Bosses, you have a Vampire Dragon, a Doll, a Giant Fish Monster, a Metal Flesh Monster, and Mother Miranda who is the closest excuse for a human boss that we have. There is no boss like Jack Baker where it is just a crazed man with a shovel or an axe for a weapon.

10. Heisenberg’s Factory

I get how Metroidvania games work; there’s a central area that you’ll find yourself looping back to to go explore the other areas, and that worked at the Baker house and Castle Dimitrescu. It however does not work here because unlike there, the Factory is heavily vertically laid out, you’re climbing up and down and up and down, using ladders and elevators across 3 floors starting from the bottom floor, which is where the cast room is (Which is what I consider the central area). This isn’t too bad for getting the horse cast and cog, but after that you have to get the key casted and have to constantly keep going up and down.

11. Heisenberg’s Enemies

Bullet Sponges to the extreme. Oh my god these enemies were so annoying. The vampires with the metal visors weren’t too bad, they were nothing compared to the Soldats. These all had maybe one weak point you had to shoot at which they covered until they were just about to attack, which isn’t the biggest window to hit it. Some of them had their weaknesses on their backs so you had to maneuver yourself around them to hit their weak points, there were the electrical boxes you could shoot to stun them, but if you couldn’t get them over there you had to run around them during their attack cooldown, not the biggest window. You also had ones that were seemingly constantly attacking so their weak point was difficult to hit, the chargers which were easier but more annoying because the walkways you faced them on were so narrow so there wasn’t a lot of maneuverability to avoid charges. Then there were the armoured ones that you had to waste explosives on just to be able to damage them. Finally the mini boss Turbine boy who was actually one of the easiest to kill.

12. Passive Healing

It was really easy to get the ‘Complete the game using X medkits or less’ due to this. In fact, I got it while doing my speedrun playthrough. You seemed to passively heal after a while, and that really annoyed me. There were also certain cutscenes that would immediately put your health back up to full like Dimitrescu's first chase with Ethan. I get some games that have passive healing, like Halo, COD, and are necessary but the passive healing to the extent RE8 had it was simply too much for me.

13. Elevators/Ladders

You spend so much time in Elevators or climbing up and down ladders. There’s at least one elevator in each area. More in others. I don’t understand why in Donna’s section there are three elevators. Really just need the one but the other two just felt like padding for runtime once again. Totally broke the flow of gameplay for me.

14. Chris Redfield

As one of his teammates said when they stormed the village, he should have told Ethan, honestly had he done that, the entirety of RE8 would never have needed to happen but no. ‘There wasn’t enough time’. YOU HAD THREE YEARS, CHRIS. In failing to tell Ethan about Mia or Mother Miranda, he had created the most redundant Resident Evil game in the franchise.

15. Mother Miranda as a Character

Any of the other characters would have been better choices for the ‘final boss’, Alcina or Heisenberg being the clear choices between the four lords but this person who we’ve only heard of and never really seen until after the end of Heisenberg’s boss battle (Yes I know we saw her as Mia and as the Hag) but she’s suddenly just thrust in as the main villain. The boss battle was boring too, run and shoot, run and shoot, run and shoot. I get that most of them die down to that but there was some uniqueness to each battle. Moreau with his acid rain, Donna just wanting to play hide and seek, Heisenberg in general, and Alcina fighting from a range that you pretty much NEED the sniper to shoot her. Mother Miranda just felt like a normal enemy to me rather than a challenging boss. Her attacks were easy to avoid. Nothing about it felt special.

16. Mother Miranda as a Boss

We learn that Mother Miranda has the power to mimic anything she wishes, such as a Hag, Mia Winters, and even a corpse. So I would expect in her boss battle she would take on the form of the Four Lords in a sort of Boss Rush, using Alcina's, Moreau's and Heisenberg's abilities to fight Ethan, but no. She takes the form of a Spider and a Bird, because that's so much more interesting.

17. Mercenaries

Imagine CoD Zombies that ends after 3 /4 rounds, a time limit and is exclusively 1-Player. I like the ideas of the Skills but allow 4 player Multiplayer and implement and an Endless mode.

18. Ethan's Hand Torture

Shit you not, the amount of times that Ethan gets his hands hurt in any way, stops being scary, and starts being just plain funny. RE7, loses a hand, that's shocking and totally terrifying. In 8, he cuts his hand on barbed wire he loses 2 fingers, both hands get hooked and hung from the ceiling by his hooked hands gets his other hand cut off.

19. Ethan's Hand Reattachment and Magic Jacket

He gets his hand cut off by Dimitrescu, and fixes it with meds that magically reattaches his hand, and fixes his jacket. Storywise the hand getting fixed works, not the Jacket. Unless the jacket is a part of him. If you look at his jacket from that point on, his jacket has a scar! What makes this more confusing is during his last moments, he gives Rose his jacket, so it can't be a part of him, and if that's the case then the jacket shouldn't have been 'healed' either.

20. Voice Acting

Voice Acting has never been a particularly strong suit of Resident Evil's arsenal and Village is no exception. The Voice Acting is passable at best (The actress for Angie's sticking out more than others' performances) but at other points it's laughable, Ethan's voice actor is particularly poor.

21. Voice Filters

If the voice acting was already rather poor, I don't understand why they decided to add filters and effects to everyone's performances. When Alcina turns into her dragon form she gets this sort of wobble to her voice. When Heisenberg turns into his giant monster, he sounds like he's talking into a fan. Moreau by far has it the worst, as he has several filters put onto his voice and they add more later on. His voice sounds like its somewhat bubbling, and then later they slow it and pitch it down considerably. It doesn't make me feel bad for Moreau, it makes me laugh because it sounds like he's talking in slow motion.

22. The Lycan Dodge and the Vampire Stumble

One thing that they added into RE8 was a mechanic into the game for enemies to either stumble because their malnourished bodies can barely hold themselves up let alone a large axe or sword, or for the lycans, them dodging out of the way of attacks by jumping to the side. I don't mind this too much but it happens so frequently, and it is always just as I line up to take a shot that they stumble or dodge out of the way, they move closer and attack me.

23. Canned Animations

There is a handful of animations that can happen when being attacked by enemies, these are miniature cutscenes, something that I hate in most games that are just to show some gratuitous gore. These animations can be anything from a Lycan biting into your neck to dragging their weapon down your stomach. It's kind of cool the first time you see it, but after seeing the same animation a load of times, it's a nuisance as it breaks the flow of gameplay.

24. The Knife is so Unpredictable

I get that using the Melee attacks is not encouraged because it is risky to be close to enemies, but the knife's hitbox is so strange, because your reach seems smaller than how far out Ethan swings, as well as it feels much lower, by about a foot and a half from where your slashing, and even lower if you aim to stab.

25. Block/Kick Mechanic

Capcom added a Blocking mechanic that was in RE7 with a twist, shortly after you can hit the block button again to kick the offending enemy away. However the mechanic only seems to work once in a blue moon because the window to kick is so small, as well as even if you successfully kick away an enemy, it's stun time is so short and the distance you kick is so small, you might as well just shoot the enemy straight away.

26. Bags of Flour

Name a more useless mechanic in RE8 than this. You can tell they had ideas to make this a more prominent mechanic but they seemed to forget that they implemented this mechanic as there are only about 10 bags of flour total in the game. The bags of flour you can shoot and they work sort of like a small flashbang to confuse the enemies. This doesn't work the majority of the time. It would have been better if they had removed this mechanic all together.

27. The Weapons System

When you unlock a new gun, such as from the LEMI to the M1911, there is no good reason to keep the old gun, because even if you upgrade the gun to full power, the new equivalent will be close to that power or even higher than that power at it's base power. The same can be said for every gun in the game, the pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, even the revolvers. when you get a new equivalent gun that you already own, sell the old one to the duke, there's no reason to keep the guns.

28. Ethan's 'Characterisation'

The 'joke' for the character of Ethan Winters is that we never see his face, because Capcom wanted to allow for players to put themselves as 'Ethan Winters'. Basically make their own Gordon Freeman. But then they also decided to make Ethan a talking protagonist. This is where the issues arise because they can't decide whether or not Ethan should be serious like Chris or campy and wise-cracking like Leon. Because of this poor characterisation, I couldn't feel bad for Ethan when something happened, because even when he was cracking jokes, I wanted him to shut up because he was being a dumbass.

29. The Bells Puzzle

I'm fairly sure this is purely down to me and having autism. Having autism means that I will often take things literally or at face value. The Bell puzzle itself is relatively easy, find 5 bells, make them ring. It was actually the clue that threw me off.

Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.

Because of my autism, I read that clue as there is 5 bells in this room that I have to ring. Due to this fact, what should have taken me a couple of minutes took me nearly half an hour because I didn't think about the clock tower outside.

30. Lore Room

A lore room is what it says on the tin, a room full of notes that basically fill the player in on lore that couldn't be explained vocally. Except it could. Any note about the main characters in the game could be explained without the notes. For example, the Dimitrescu daughters are weak to cold and when shot they seem to break apart and eventually freeze and crystalise when they get too weak. This might suggest that their bodies are a conglomeration of smaller things (like flies) that are weak to the cold weathers of Romania. All of the Four Lords and even Mother Miranda's backstories are explained in about 2 minutes worth of reading material.

31. Making RE8 the Most Important Game in the Franchise

I'm not joking when I say this, they turned RE8 into by far the most important game the Resident Evil's over-arcing lore. By having Ozwell E. Spencer (the person who caused Resident Evil 1's storyline) having met and worked under Mother Miranda as an apprentice for a similar goal, preserving life, however for Miranda it was one person; her daughter. Whereas Spencer wanted to go bigger. The Village is also where he found the symbol which he later used for the logo of Umbrella. Making Resident Evil 8 the most important Resident Evil Game in the Franchise.

32. Ethan is Dead (Molded)

Storywise, it makes sense, he can reattach limbs with ease and can survive injuries that would kill most but how cheap is it that not just the entirety of not just Resident Evil 8, but also Resident Evil 7, is the entire twist that 'Character was dead all along'. How much more of a slap in a face could this have been, if they had said it was all just a dream, or Mother Miranda turns out to be Ethan's great grandmother or something. What a Twist! -sigh-

33. Mia is Nothing More than a Damsel in Distress... Again

At least in 7 she wasn't so much of a Damsel but she was being controlled by Eveline to attack Ethan. We know that she has Military Training as she was the one escorting Eveline on the ship so it's not like she's useless, if anything she probably has more training than Ethan. So why in 8 was it so difficult for her to even attempt to defend herself? I get that Mother Miranda is far more powerful but couldn't there have at least been a struggle with Miranda that could have awoken Ethan and that could have been the start of the game, with Miranda kidnapping both Mia and Rose?

34. Too much of... Everything

RE8 feels like a checklist more than anything else. Vampires, got it. Werewolves? Got it. Robots? We got them too! Creepy Dolls, Giant Fish Monsters. It just feels like a mixing pot of as many horror tropes as they could put into one game, and because of that, the game doesn't feel balanced in terms of what's where. You can be out of Angie's AND Moreau's sections of the game in a little over 20 minutes if you know what you're doing. The game is extremely unbalanced in terms of how much time we get with the four lords, the majority going to Alcina and Heisenberg.

35. Silence

There really isn't a lot of music in this game. A lot of the game is just silent or ambient noise like water dripping or birds cawing. The only time music really plays in Resident Evil 8 is during the boss battles and they're all rather forgettable. None of them sound epic or interesting.

36. Village Of Shadows

Playing this game in Village of Shadows mode is just... bullshit. It doesn't make the game particularly harder, the only difference is how many more enemies the game throws at you. The enemies have more health and deal more damage to the player, and the difficulty curve is extreme. Even with the food upgrade that increases health, an unblocked attack will put you in the red bar or the red screen, meaning that even if you block the next attack, you will die. Angie and Moreau's level in Village of Shadows is just as easy as they would be in Casual. They throw nothing new at you, the baby in Angie's level is just as slow as it always is. The only reason it's a challenge is because the enemies are extremely unforgiving.

37. Saving in Village of Shadows

I'm complaining about difficulty but now actively saying make the game mode harder by adding the cassette tape mechanic into this. For those who don't know, the hardest difficulty in RE7 (Madhouse) added an item to the game called Cassette Tapes. The interesting thing about Madhouse mode was that Autosaving was a lot more infrequent and to manually save, you had to use a cassette tape. Cassette tapes are a finite item meaning when you save you have to be very sure you want to save at that moment. RE8 does not have this mechanic where you need to find sheets of paper or ink for the typewriter or something along the lines.

38. The Cover Art

The cover art of the game shows and strongly suggests Chris Redfield seemingly turning into a werewolf. First of all Chris Redfield has such a minor role in this game that I genuinely don't think that he deserves to be on the cover, the other thing is that this never happens at any point in the game. Chris Redfield remains human throughout the entirety of the game.

I probably have more issues about RE8 but that's the issues that I can currently think of. 38 issues with the game. You have any praises or issues I missed with the game? Comment below!

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