Back-to-school tips for parents (2023)

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Visit the grounds-

Ensuring your child is familiar with the school is key for their confidence. Walk around the grounds and inside the building if you're allowed. Also, show your child where you'll pick them up.

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Take your child for a checkup-

Make sure to book your appointment early, as there's often a high demand before the school year starts. If your kid is starting preschool or kindergarten, they must be up-to-date on their immunizations.

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Give a classroom demonstration-

To help get your child used to the idea of school and homework, have mock classes in the summer. For the fun of it, you can take turns being the teacher and student.

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Buy and try a nap mat-

If you have a very young child and the school has a scheduled rest period, find out how long it lasts. Then you can settle your kid down at that time at home, so they get used to it.

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Make a back-to-school checklist-

To help you organize things, some schools provide a checklist of needed school supplies. But if you still feel confused, consider downloading a premade checklist online.

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Start back-to-school shopping-

There's nothing more exciting than getting a new pair of shoes or cool supplies for the new school year. Bring your checklist and start early, as back-to-school season is busy.

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Take a field trip -

Get your child into the learning spirit by visiting places that are both entertaining and intellectually challenging. This could be a museum, a zoo, or a science center.

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Connect with classmates-

A nice way to connect with classmates is by hosting a playdate or a picnic with other students. Try to especially include new students and their parents.

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Mark the days until school starts-

They need time to get back into class mode. Include your child in the countdown to school starting. This could be done on a simple notebook or calendar that's just for them.

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Practice school skills-

Apart from academics, there are certain small things that your child should know in order to make their day easier. This includes fastening and unfastening their backpack, opening their lunch box, undoing their clothes for bathroom breaks, and memorizing your telephone number.

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Set up a family calendar-

It can be hard juggling everyone's schedules once the school year starts. Having a shared family calendar makes it easier to keep track of everyone's activities and appointments.

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Attend orientation-

Make sure not to miss orientation, or any other back-to-school events. It's important both for parents and kids to familiarize themselves with the school, teachers, and all the activities to look forward to.

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Brainstorm a list of favorite lunches-

Together with your child, discover what they want and bring them to shop for the ingredients. Having them help with meal planning will make it easier to whip up their lunches.

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Discuss your morning routine-

Get your child used to back-to-school routines by explaining what's involved in getting ready for school. Let them know when they'll wake up, how much time they'll have for breakfast, and what they'll need before leaving.

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Create a morning to-do list-

Having kids get ready in a particular order is a great way to help them stay on track each morning. They'll also learn how to create a routine.

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Hop on the bus-

Some schools provide bus-safety instruction and practice rides as part of their orientation. If the school doesn't offer this service, try taking a few trips on public transport, so your kids get used to the idea.

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Get your child's sleep in sync with their school schedule-

If your kid has been up late and snoozing all morning, new bedtime rules for the school year can come as a big shock. Luckily, they can easily adapt. So instead of tucking them in early, focus on a consistent wake-up time and get them out of bed no matter what. Discourage long naps, and in a few days their internal clock will reset automatically.

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Consider making a meal plan for dinners-

As the first week of school can be exhausting, making a meal plan for family dinners will make your evenings much smoother and less stressful.

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End the holidays with a bang-

Starting school after a long summer break is a time full of anticipation. Have a fun family tradition, like getting ice cream the day before. It can help ease the nerves and create long-lasting memories.

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Choose a first-day outfit-

Check the forecast, and make sure to pick out an alternate outfit if the weather turns. Also, don't forget about socks, undies, and shoes.

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Prepack your child's backpack-

Prepacking the night before will cut down on morning stress. Also, consider having a designated corner where your child should always leave their backpack. This way it never gets misplaced.

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Get their lunch ready-

It's good to get their lunch ready when you make dinner, as this way there's only one cleanup. Another tip is to leave the lunch box open, so you don't forget to add refrigerated items in the morning.

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Keep the evening calm-

The night before school starts, have a calm evening at home. Avoid noisy games and TV, but don't force your kid to go to bed early. Instead, send them to bed 15 minutes later than usual. This way they'll fall asleep more easily.

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Set the mood-

Reading is a great activity for a calm evening at home. You can also set the mood for small kids by reading a story about the joys of school.

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Wake up early-

Get up at least 30 minutes before your kid, so you can get ready and have your coffee. You'll be more cheerful and can help them follow their morning to-do list.

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Schedule in some extra time-

Even if your kid doesn't refuse to brush their teeth or insist on a different outfit, assume that they will. You never know what can happen, so build a bit of extra time into your day by adding an extra 15 minutes to the morning.

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Make it feel like a celebration-

Starting a new school year is a major milestone. Share this happiness with your child by serving their favorite breakfast and surprising them with a cool new pencil or a colorful eraser, for example.

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Make time for some pictures-

Starting a new school year is a special moment that needs to be captured. Pick a special spot and take a new snapshot at the start of each school year.

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Arrive at school early-

Most kids need a few moments to settle in, especially if they're a bit shy. Therefore, plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the bell rings.

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Welcome them home-

When your child gets home, give them a big welcome. Serve them a special snack and plan a family dinner. Make sure to ask how everything went and encourage your kid to talk about their hopes and fears.

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How parents can prepare for back to school? ›

Preparing for Back-to-School Success
  • Set Boundaries.
  • Communicate with teachers.
  • Get your child organized.
  • Settle into routines.
  • Ease anxiety about an unusual school year.
  • Schedule family time.
Aug 29, 2021

What do you say when kids go back to school? ›

Kids and teachers will go back to school in some capacity.
Have Fun
  • “Good luck going back to school! You're going to love sixth grade! New friends and new adventures. Have so much fun learning and always remember how special you are!”
  • “ Happy Back to School! ...
  • “Welcome back to school! Hope you have an awesome year!

How do you prepare before going to school? ›

15 tips on how to get ready for school quickly
  1. Choose clothing the night before. ...
  2. Designate one place for clothes. ...
  3. Keep shoes organized. ...
  4. Make sure kids complete homework before bed. ...
  5. Make lunches the night before. ...
  6. Keep backpacks fully stocked. ...
  7. Organize your own items. ...
  8. Have kids shower at night.
Aug 1, 2022

What is the best advice for students? ›

10 Habits of Successful Students
  • Get Organized. Making a plan for what you're going to do and when you're going to do it will make sure you're always ahead of the curve - literally.
  • Don't multitask. ...
  • Divide it up. ...
  • Sleep. ...
  • Set a schedule. ...
  • Take notes. ...
  • Study. ...
  • Manage your study space.

What should I do to be a successful student? ›

Strategies for Successful Students
  1. Attending class regularly is essential! ...
  2. Always be prepared for class. ...
  3. Don't be afraid to ask questions! ...
  4. Practice time management! ...
  5. Always save your draft in multiple places. ...
  6. Understand the importance of the syllabus, and refer back to it throughout the semester.

How can I be a good preschool parent? ›

Pre-k Parenting Tips
  1. Continue to talk, sing and read to your child.
  2. Nurture your child's love for books by taking them to the library or a book store.
  3. Teach responsibility in small steps, starting with simple things like picking up their toys.
  4. Let your child help with simple chores.

How can I prepare my child for high school? ›

Here are 10 ways to keep your teen on track to succeed in high school.
  1. Attend Back-to-School Night and Parent-Teacher Conferences. ...
  2. Visit the School and Its Website. ...
  3. Support Homework Expectations. ...
  4. Send Your Teen to School Ready to Learn. ...
  5. Instill Organizational Skills. ...
  6. Offer Help With Studying.

How can a mother balance work and school? ›

10 Tips for Balancing Parenting, Work, and School
  1. Dedicate time to updating the calendar. ...
  2. Designate “schoolwork time” ...
  3. Let your professors know you are busy. ...
  4. Ask for help. ...
  5. Prep meals in advance. ...
  6. Create an organized and dedicated study space. ...
  7. Review course syllabus and plan ahead. ...
  8. Write clear and realistic goals.
Jul 15, 2021

How can a mother and student balance? ›

Six Tips to Help You Balance School and Kids
  1. Make a Schedule. It is best to set a schedule for coursework. ...
  2. Create a To-Do-List. Writing a daily to-do list is very helpful in eliminating stress. ...
  3. Set Attainable Goals. ...
  4. Ask for Help. ...
  5. Make a Work Space. ...
  6. Take Study Breaks.
Dec 8, 2021

How can a mom work and go to school? ›

Here is a list of things to keep you on the right track:
  1. Figure Out A Schedule. ...
  2. Track How You Are Using Your Time. ...
  3. Motivation Is Going To Be Hard. ...
  4. Reward Yourself And Include Your Children. ...
  5. Get Everyone Involved. ...
  6. Do Not Be Too Hard On Yourself. ...
  7. Have A Designated Study Spot In And Out Of The Home. ...
  8. Research Your Career.
Oct 23, 2017


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