8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (2022)

Backpacks with Secret Pockets

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (1)
8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (2)
8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (3)
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Their something cool and mysterious about havingbags with secret pocketsor hidden compartments to stow away our important belongings in the rear of your pack or wherever to better organize your gear.

As backpacks become ever more popular and we have more and more manufacturers introducing new tech we will definitely see bag pockets in more creative ways.

Your schoolbags with secret pocketscan also work for travel, as many tour guides recommend you bring a backpack with hidden compartments to carry your important documents to avoid theft.

Either way, we have provided a list of some of our favorites for you to choose from and some added information below.

Classic School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (4)

The Junyuan has a classic and simple look, making it popular amongst students and everyday carriers alike. It is constructed of a 600D Polyester which is known to be durable and lightweight. The secret pocket is located on the back of this pack.

It is laptop ready with a padded 14″ laptop sleeve and adjustable, padded straps. Increase your comfort with the fully padded back panel and enjoy your music on the go with the earphone port.

You do have plenty of storage ability with this pack. On the outside, you have, 1 front zip pocket, 2 water bottle pockets, and 1 secret zipper back pocket. On the inside, you have 1 padded laptop pocket that fits 14inch laptops or folders, 2 slip pockets, 1 mesh zipper pocket, and 2 zipper pockets.

Slim Laptop School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (5)
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This is a very cool and gadget-friendly laptop. The hidden compartment on this bag was so impressive that it actually crossed through security without them realizing it.

It is sleek and clean with a number of hidden pockets to carry all of your important items. It is a water-resistant pack that is very durable and constructed with safety in mind.

Fashionable School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (6)

This bag has really futuristic look to it and it is actually designed with anti-theft technology. A cool feature of this pack is the main pocket is fully hidden in the back of the backpack along with a secret pocket behind the bag which can keep your valuable items protected.

Another cool feature is the USB charger on the outside and a built-in charging cable on the inside. So as long as you have the power you can charge your gadgets on the go. The laptop compartment can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop and the elastic band and velvet inside help keep it protected and stable.

Adding to the comfort of this pack the padded back and adjustable shoulder straps assist in making this a lightweight carrying bag. The EVA material will help keep your back ventilated and comfortable as you carry.

E-Zoned Duffle School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (7)

We loved the look of this pack and the plentiful storage space it has. This unit has 3 main compartments, 8 inner pockets & 1 side pocket & 1 secret pocket. The main compartment is expandable and perfect for school since you can easily carry your books, supplies, and daily items and accessories.

The separate laptop compartment will fit documents, tablets, and laptops. A cool feature this pack offers is you can change out of your gym clothes and store your sweaty sneaker in the bottom compartment.

COR Surf Ultralight 40L Dry School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (8)
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This COR Surf is a waterproof dry bag backpack with a secret pocket on the back padding. As mentioned this unit will keep all of your gear and supplies dry in case of spills or bad weather.

The hidden pocket on the back padding of the pack was designed to keep anyone from stealing personal or private items. You can’t see the zipper since it blends in with the padding on the rear of the pack. It is made to the eye in other words.

You can fit up to 2 32oz. bottles in the dedicated pockets and the padded laptop sleeve is removable in case you want to leave your computer behind. Other features include the adjustable waist and chest straps for extra stability and a top cinch strap to stash a towel, tent, or coat.

Dime Bags Skatepack Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (9)

Parents don’t let the name get you to work up this pack was created with a hemp blend fabric to help sustain Mother Earth. Outside of the cool happiness facts, it is a very strong fabric with tear and color restart qualities.

The Skatepark also features a secret pocket as well as a free removable Smell/Spill-proof pouch in case you ever transport a liquid or food item. It also has very heavy-duty zippers that easily open and stays in place when zipped. Outside of the secret compartment, you have 3 spacious compartments for storage and 2 water bottle holders.

Sprayground School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (10)

This is another cool and unique backpack by Sprayground. It does feature a beret zippered pocket. This item is also available in red. The laptop compartment is padded and it is an overall well-designed and durable pack. You have 2 of Sprayground’s popular prints on this bag. One on the side and one on the shoulder straps, which looks really cool on the clean black finish. This is a very popular bag for schoolgoers.

Sprayground Nomad School Backpack

8 Cool School Bags with Secret Pocket (11)

This is a really cool SPRAYGROUND CAMO NOMAD backpack with sever hidden stash pockets. It is a very popular brand for making secret pockets and they sometimes have cards waiting for you once you find them.

You may have seen these packs on IG and this one is perfect for school. Outside of the look, you have a lot of stowaway room here for laptops, binders, books, and your lunch. It has multiple bottle holders, it’s water-resistant and it has a couple of secret pockets.

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Why Purchase School Bags with Secret Pockets

Organizing Your Items

The main reason in our opinion to purchase the schoolbags with secret pocketsis for the helpful organization. It will eliminate your frustration and help you quickly get to that item and stow it away quickly.

You can organize the pack just the way you want it. You can have school supplies here and other items are hidden from the watchful eye. These pockets provide you with the safety and guarantee you are looking for.

This could be especially good for students as you are always around other students who could, unfortunately, have bad intentions and this is a great way to protect yourself.


Let us say what you want to put in your secret pocket is something of value or something that can get damaged, having a hidden compartment is the perfect way to avoid an accident from happening.

Many of these compartments may come with extra padding or sleeves to meet your needs and protect your gear. If you want to hide your keys some packs will come with key attachments to safely guard your keys for example.

So you don’t wantschoolbags with secret pocketsjust for organization, but also for preventing accidental damage to your carry items.


A backpack for school may not always be a durable or padded one so protecting your items is key. The bags will offer the security and theft prevention you are looking for.

These secret compartments will give you the ability to store even your most important items in places not seen by the naked eye.

These are different aspects that you may find important as a student or someone who commutes in a city or urban environment.

How do you make a secret pocket in a backpack?

Press down to make sure it sticks, then leave the backpack and strips alone overnight. Place the new cloth pocket inside the pouch. Line the hooking strips on the cloth to the latching pieces inside the bag and press the two together. Close the pouch’s zipper, and you’ve got a brand new secret compartment.

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How do I prevent theft in my backpack?

Backpacking Security: 4 Ways To Avoid Theft While Traveling
Secure your bag to a stationery item with a double-sided cable lock. …
Secure bags together with a combination lock and a cable. …
A simple way for your valuables to attract less attention. …
A bag built for security: anti-theft packs by Pacsafe.

What backpack color should I get?

Choose a color that goes well with 90% of the clothes you own. Black and navy blue backpacks are safe colors if your wardrobe’s color scheme is white, grey, blue, and black. For those with a more adventurous palette, you can go for backpack colors like maroon, red, or teal.

Junyuan Bags


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